Wednesday, March 3, 2010


And yesterday, I cleaned.The realtor was bringing people over to see the house, so my father, my brother and I were suppossed to get everything spotless.

I say supposed, because they both worked for half an hour and then decided that they'd never get everything done in time.So they watched ESPN while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the staircase.And mopping the kitchen.And scrubbing the soap scum out of the tile grout in the shower.And polishing the mirrors. And cleaning the kitchen sink. And putting clean tablecloths on the dining room and kitchen tables.And spraying floor wax to clean all the wood floors in the house. And dusting.Lots and lots of dusting*.And changing the cat litter. And cleaning the toilet.And moving the junk from the porch to the basement.
Of course, I only got some of that done before the people came yesterday, but at least they could'nt blame me. And it's the one occassion that being a neat freak comes in handy.(Because I did'nt have to clean my room.It's always clean. Always. And organised. It's also clean.

Okay, no more short sentences.I promise. I will not do another.Not a single one more. Okay? Okay.

*Even though I'm severely ALLERGIC to dust. D:

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