Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation time!

It's between London and Atlantic city for my summer vacation, and since we go to Atlantic city almost every year (Trust me, it's no fun the thirteenth time.) I'm pushing for London.
I've never been there, and I wanted to go to Disney world, but people say I'm too old.(Lies! You're never to old for Disney world! it's like pacifiers and Saturday morning cartoons.) We could just end up going nowhere, depending on how my father's work schedule is. Unfortunately, It's summer in Philadelphia which means two things: 1) There's nothing to do. 2) the place is full of tourists.
Oh sure, they help the summer economy, but they crowd the PT and the cabs, talk loudly, and buy up everything in whatever stores they go to. There's even people who come all the way to Haddington to buy Morrone's water ice. They also think everything is a tourist attraction.
(Including the local cathedral. More than once, you can see them taking pictures during mass.)