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In defense of the Offertory.

..Of the Modern Roman rite. This is just one of my many qualms with some Traditionalists regarding the new mass. The one which I refer to now is the offertory. I've heard it time and time again that "There's no offertory in the novus ordo, just some 'preparation of the gifts.'" The idea is that, the rite is no longer termed an offertory, and that, removed of the overt sacrificial language of the old offertory, the new offertory prayers are not sacrificial in any way, and thus, do not actually constitute an offertory. I beleive that this is a lie.
Here is why.
Firstly, the first objection is that the novus ordo has a simple preparation of the gifts of the christian community for their eucharistic meal, rather than an offertory for the eucharistic sacrifice. The new rite names it a "Preparation of the gifts" (Praeparatio donorum) instead of an offertory, and that this term is obviously not sacrifial like the term offertory.
I object to this for two reasons. Firstly, the name of the rite is in fact termed an offertory in several places. G.I.R.M.no. 74 calls it an 'offertorium' , that is an offertory. This is preserved in the present English translation. G.I.R.M. no. 73 calls the bread and wine prepared in the rite offerings. The Latin missal, which is the official typical version of all sacramental rites uses the term 'Oblationes'. Lewis and Short's dictionary defines an 'Oblatio' as "an offering, sacrifice, " Oblatio has been transliterated into English as oblations, whch Merriam-Webster defines as "something offered in worship or devotion : a holy gift offered usually at an altar or shrine." Secondly, the heading given in the missal which gives a new term, ("Preparatio donorum"), to the rite, is also sacrificial. Lewis and Short defines "Dono", the root word of Donorum as "to give up, sacrifice." In short, 'Donorum' are things given up in sacrifice, things offered in sacrifice, things presented to be sacrificed.
A proper translation in continuity with the General instruction and the rite would not be simply gifts, but rather sacrifices, offerings. Thus it should be translated as "The preparation of the offerings", "The preparation of the sacrifice", 'The preparation of things given in sacrifice", "The preparation of the Sacrificial Offerings."
Thus it is not true in my mind that the new mass has a simple preparation of the community's gifts, bereft of any sacrificial language.

For the second objection, (that the prayers themselves are not sacrficial and do not present the character of an offertory), we must first know what the offertory of the holy mass is.

This is what Abbe Durand says of the offertory:
"The Offering of the Bread and Wine.Like his divine Master, the priest takes bread in his hands and offers it to God. The bread here takes the place of the Church and Christian people, for, as bread is the nourishment and life of man, when he offers it at the altar it is as if he offered himself to God to be sacrificed to His glory, like Jesus Christ, our head. As the bread is to be changed into the body of Jesus Christ, may our hearts also be transformed into Him, till it may be " no more we who live, but Jesus Christ Who lives in us."
Our Lord also offered wine mixed with water. The wine represents Jesus Christ, "the true vine"; and water, the Christian people. St. Cyprian, in a letter to Cecilius, teaches this formally. This image is a vivid figure of the ineffable union of God with man wrought by the incarnation, and of that other union in the Eucharist, and again of that third union which will be consummated in glory. It is, then, the Church united with Jesus Christ, the members to their head, the bride to her bridegroom, which the priest offers to God in the oblation of the chalice.
In the drop of water, which is the figure of the faithful, what an admirable lesson of humility ! Is it not a striking image of our annihilation in the presence of the God of the Eucharist ?"

S.Hyppolytus says of the offertory in his Apostolic Consitutions

"Let the high priest, therefore, together with the priests, pray over the oblation, that the Holy Spirit may descend upon it, making the bread the body of Christ and the cup the blood of Christ."

Dom Gueranger says of it;
"See, then, dear Christians! bread and wine are about to be offered to God, as being the noblest of inanimate creatures, since they are made for the nourishment of man ; and even that is only a poor material image of what they are destined to become in our Christian Sacrifice. Their substance will soon give place to God himself, and of themselves nothing will remain but the appearances."

So we see then that the offertory is the offering of bread and wine to God, asking that it may become the most sacred body and precious blood of our lord. That is the essence and purpouse of the offertory. Those of whom I speak claim that these sentiments are totally or partially absent from the offertory of the novus ordo mass.
I present the prayers in their Latin form first:

"Benedíctus es, Dómine, Deus univérsi, quia de tua largitáte accépimus panem, quem tibi offérimus, fructum terræ et óperis mánuum hóminum:
ex quo nobis fiet panis vitæ.

Per huius aquae et vini mysterium, eius divinitatis esse consortes, qui humanitatis nostrae fieri dignatus est particeps.

Benedíctus es, Dómine, Deus univérsi,
quia de tua largitáte accépimus
vinum, quod tibi offérimus,
fructum vitis es óperis mánuum hóminum,
ex quo nobis fiet potus spiritális.

In spiritu humilitatis, et in animo contrito
suscipiamur a te, Domine
et sic fiat sacraficium nostrum in conspectu tuo hodie,
ut placeat tibi, Domine.

Lava me, Domine, ab iniquitate mea,
et a peccato meo, munda me."

I present my own rather literal translation:

"Blessed are you, O God, Lord of the universe,of whose bountious giving we have received this bread, which we offer up in sacrifice unto you. This, the fruit of the earth, and the work of the hands of men: For us may it be changed, that it may become the Bread of Life.

Through the mystery of this water and wine, may we be made partakers of his Divinity, he who deigned to become a partaker of our humanity.

Blessed are you, O God, Lord of the universe, of whose bountious giving we have received this wine, which we offer up in sacrifice unto you, this, the Fruit of the Vine, and the work of the hands of men: For us may it be changed, that it may become the drink of the soul."

In a humble spirit and with a contrite heart, may we be accepted by you, O Lord, and may our sacrifice be offered in your sight this day as to be pleasing to you, O Lord.

Wash me thoroughly, O lord, of my iniquity, and cleanse me of my sins."

Translated rather literally instead of the paraphrases contained in the current English endition of the Roman Missal, there is quite some sacrificial language, as well as the sentiments of offering given by Abbe Durand: Bread and wine are taken (quia de tua largitate accepimus panem/vinum) and offered or given to God (Quem tibi offerimus) in expectation of the great miracle of the eucharist, where they will become the body and blood of christ. (Ex quo nobis fiet panis vitae/potus spritalis). The Latin of the prayers themselves contain the phrase " quem tibi offerimus". Lewis and Short tranlsate 'Offero' as "To offer to God, to consecrate, dedicate, To offer up, sacrifice."
The Prayers contain may pious sentiments of offering as well. Dom gueranger says of the offering of the bread:
"All that we have, O Lord, comes from thee, and belongs to thee ; it is just, therefore, that we return it unto thee. But how wonderful art thou in the inventions of thy immense love! This bread which we are offering to thee is to give place, in a few moments, to the sacred Body of Jesus. We beseech thee, receive, together with this oblation, our hearts which long to live by thee, and to cease to live their own life of self."

Note the italicised portion. It especially is resonant with the prayers of the offering of the bread, which end by asking that the bread be changed into the bread of life, which as we know from scripture, is the body of christ. (John 5:59) It re-echoes Dom gueranger's saying "Their substance will soon give place to God himself" The phrase "fructus terrae' references the first fruits offering of the old covenant, in which pure bread or a spotless lamb were sacrificed in thanksgiving to God. Cochem's Explanation of the Mass says:
"The elevation of the bread signifies the complete surrender we make of it and of ourselves into the hands of God. The priest raises his eyes to heaven to show that the oblation is made to God."

The rubrics of the offertory still mandate the priest to elevate the bread above the altar while saying the offertory prayer.
Dom Gueranguer says of the wine:
"Lord Jesus, who art the true Vine, and whose Blood, like a generous wine, has been poured forth under the pressure of the Cross! thou hast deigned to unite thy divine nature to our weak humanity"

The prayer for the offering of the wine contains the scriptural phrase "fructus vitis", that is, "fruit of the vine" (Luke 22:18) Thus linking the offering of the wine at the Last supper with the outpouring of christ's precious blood on the cross, (As scripture says of chist that he trod the wine press of his passion and death) and the offering of the wine at each mass in preparation for it's change into the true blood of christ.
Further, the prayer "In spiritu humilitatis" explicitly asks God to be pleased to accept the sacrifice we offer him.
Another objection is that the terseness if the prayers and the lesser amount in comparison with the older rite obviously means a repudiation of a sacrificial offertory. But this is not certainly true, for other uses of the Western rite have fewer offertory prayers, such as the Cistercian rite and the Norbertine rite.

Therefore, I deny that the prayers of the offertory are totally or partially devoid of sentiments of offering or sacrifice, and do not present the true character of an offertory.

I'm Angered.

Five volumes? FIVE VOLUMES?! That's it? I get all excited about a new series, then I find that :
A) It's hard to find in stores
B) It's only five volumes long
What a waste! And the art in Toto is sooo amazing, as is the story. Does anyone know if has any other series in print? Maybe Toto will end up like Shaman King and the author will start up again after realizing that it's stupid to end a good series so abruptly with so many plotholes.
But then, I've missed volumes three and four, and most of volume two, so I shouldn't talk.
Oh yeah. I'm messing around with the layout.

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*Is Jealous*

The bishop of Ebbsfleet has read Puella's blog.

It makes my head hurt sometimes.

Ow. It does.
I love logic, but it does give me a headache. I was reading Ettienne Gilsons's book on S.Thomas Aquinas, and it's a good read, I highly recommend it. But.... somewheres about his chapter on the Angels, I got lost. I think it has something to do with the fact that I was just trying to read it, and I know that I study better when I'm eating and reading simultaneously. Especially if it's pizza. This'll sound like a joke, but Post Hoc fallacies make me think of ketchup because I learnt them on a pizza Friday where the lady put too much ketchup on my fries.
Going back to my subject, I'm thinking about reading/getting some type of introduction to philosophy book. Preferrably paperback, since I get a free paperback book with any purchase until Wednesday, as long as I use my Borders rewards card. Not that it matters. With Google books, you can find and read just about anything for free. I think once I get a gook book, I'll set some time away once a week for some hard-core study,considering that that's a virtue anyway.
Oh yeah, and since all the cool bloggers are doing it, I think I'll write a post on the Catholic revival.

Just a couple of links.

I've read both of these once, and I hope to read them twice more over. It's a lot of information, so get a drink and a comfy chair and read carefully.

H.R.3200 And Healthcare Reform

Another in the same vein.

Both obviously from the blog America's Right, which I've decided to sidelink.

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No really, it's for the best.

" Yes sir, it's for the best. At this age, your body is breaking down, and it becomes harder for you to function daily. Why die in a semi-conscious state, hooked up to machines, with no ability to prepare for your own death. Would'nt you like to die with the dignity you deserve? You've earned better by handing us all your cash and hard work all these years. However, since you've retired, you haven't really contributed to the society. You've become a bit of a drain on the state and your family, and you don't really have any use to the state anymore. But do realise, we aren't killing you off only because you're useless to us. I'm sure someone somewhere has "compassion' or however those people say it.
Thank your for your patience, and have a pleasant day. Please enjoy the complimentary buffet before entering the extermination chamber."

Isn't Obamacare great? It's got a low price, (Only a few trillion dollars. If we can survive with a huge national debt for 20 years, we can add a few more years worth.) It contributes to the market, (Nothing like outlawing private insurance to stimulate competition between public and private insurance.) It creates jobs, (Eventually due to lack of patrons, private insurance companies could collapse, meaning that hundreds if not thousands of Americans could get new jobs working for the government. They'd just have to lose their current job first) And it simply works so well! Look at the benefits! And to top it off, they even have the compassion to end your life for you when you're useless to the state- I mean, suffering in old age!
I se a great future for this.
Hat tip to Serge, Left coast Rebel, Right Klik,Track- a-'Crat, and others.
More inteventionist Goodness.
Image via LRC.

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The whole thing.
A detail of the edging.
A while ago, someone I know asked if I owned a surplice of cotta. I do, and I thought they might like to see a photo of it. I put a black t-shirt under it to make the pattern show better.

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I've got a really big, really hard decision to make:
What to do now.
Now, I've already posted about the Big Move, and I thought it would be hard, you know, obviously quite hard, but it's becoming harder and harder daily. Dad is still sick. Mom is worrying about all my siblings' futures. The family is kind of breaking apart now. And of course, Mom and Dad are counting on me to go to college. Very rarely does anyone in my family go to or finish college, and out of my siblings, I was one of two who actually managed to get accepted to one. Remember, I'm in the ghetto, and it goes without saying that we don't have much money. My parents have already worked hard into paying my way into school. Thousands in high school tuition has been paid, application fees, etc, etc.
Basically, and you should see where I'm going, I feel obligated to at least go to school before making the big move. I'd like if possible to just enter without going to college first, but It's not looking like it'll be easy.It kinda of seems like the a good idea: Bettter my art skills, give my parents time to get used to my future, pay off the money I owe, and do it all without making my family feel like I'vde deserted them.
Now, I know this is extremely disappointing for a lot of people, but realise, this isn't a final decision.
I'm just thinking on it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back.

*Looks round menacingly*
The internet is fixed now, so I'll be getting back into the Political-religious blogosphere loop.
New York was....Interesting.
The room we booked wasn't the one we thought we booked.It was four people in a three bed apartment, and guess who got the floor? Yup, it was yours truly. Saturday I was up early and stopped by the grocery store to get milk for breakfast and got stopped by a man asking me to sign a petition about Obamacare.I literally and purposely laughed out loud to spite him, mea culpa. But was funny and unexpected. There's actually young, educated kids from the ghetto, and they don't support Obama? That can't be real! it's a lie put out by the Republicons! Come on, a certain politician (whose name escapes me at the moment) assures us that All black people support Obama.

I also bought a chronicle of medieval religious life, mostly stories, visitations, sermons and private letters. It was only three dollars.
My mom and brother made me late for the presentation from my possible college for next year. I got my art reveiwed and he did'nt like it. Oh well, a pox on all o' his houses etc.
We went for lunch, browsed the souvenir shops, and went to Midtown Comics where I spent three hours nerding out over the vast collection of possible buys. I ended up buying Thor#1 and Toto!#5
There were a whole bunch of others I wanted to buy (Avengers #3, G.I. Joe: The rise of Cobra #2, 666 Satan#11, and some series I've never seen.) On the way back there was some guy who was naked except for a towel giving away flyers for a bar or something.
I cooked dinner for everyone, but I did'nt eat much. I was going to the famed Our Saviour on Sunday, and I was preparing. Unfortunately, I did'nt get to go. My mom dropped a boatload of excuses why I could'nt go, but the real reason was that she wanted to check out early and me going to mass would hold them up.
Now, I'm going to read my subcribed and sidelinked blogs to catch up.
Oh yeah! I see I got an 11th watcher while I was out. Hi! thanks for following me!

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I have'nt died.

Nope.We were cleaning up,and Somebody *Coughmomcough* spilled water on the modem, knocking out the internetz. I'm using my bro's wireless whileI look for a hotel.
Oh yeah, we may or may not be going to New York for the weekend. One the of the schools I was considering is having an art seminar,and I hope to go. If we do go (It's all up in the air right now) I plan to go to the rightly famous Our Saviour on Sunday.

If onlyI had a week rather than a weekend ,I'd visit allthe famous NY places. (S. Thomas fifth avenue (for evensong. ) S.Mary's, (Smokey Mary's,with the case-less Skinner organ) S.Vincent ferrer, (Wonderful new organ) and maybe even Ressurection (The S.Clement's ofNewYork.)
Really,I just want to hear the outrageously good choir and almost-kinda a Skinner organ at S.Thomas and the mind-rippingly/ pants-wettingly obscene organ at S.Mary's.(No Bombarde division,but wonderful Bombardes.

My time is up, so news in a flash:
-Joe Biden is an idiot for trying to spin the fail of the stimulus as a positive thing.
-Time for MoneyDrain-I mean, Stimulus part two.
- You've heard that due to Obamaspeak,we're not alowed to call it a stimulus anymore?
-I gots a newLatin breviary, yayness.
-Final Fantasy X = Full. Of. Win.

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When was the last time You visited....

...My deviantART account? Because you should do it. I've left off using colored pencils, and switched to markers. The above was done by me. (As was this and this.) I really wanted to post This work, my latest, on the page but people might get the wrong idea about me. Stil, it's my nicest so far, and my best when it comes to blending. (I really only used two shades of blue and one of violet for the skin.)
So do go there.

Let's apply this thinking to real life.

Just wondering how it would turn out. (I'm still working on thus analogy, so give me a break for the obvious holes.)

There's a man, let's call him Simon. Simon is a partner in a company that makes metal die-cast model cars, is known to be a spendthrift, but usually stays within his means. Simon soon becomes and avid collector of those model cars, and urged by the president of the company, he soon begins to spend more than he makes in order to collect them. In order to deal with his debt, takes out loans that he can't pay. Debt upon debt keeps piling on him, while at the same time, the value of his die-cast cars is dropping.
The value is dropping because due to protests made by concerned mothers, the cars are made out of cheaper materials that contain lead rather than the more expensive materials formerly used. Simon and other collectors threaten the company with lawsuits, boycotts, and reporting them to the government for using toxic materials. They go back to the former materials. Simon is not satisfied, however, and fights his way to the presidency of the company. Simon buys more and more cars, and his debt rises. he cuts paychecks to pay for his debt, and loses, workers. Production slows, the cars become more expensive to produce, and sell less.
Finally, Simon forces his two sons to mortgage their homes and dips into his daughter's college fund for a last minute shot of new cash into the company, which he plans to spend quickly on company-related pet-projects. After six months of no upturn, he plans to coerce his youngest nephew into mortgaging his home so that he can continue the same cycle he's been in for years: Spend more than he has, make debt, borrow money to pay debt, make more debt, threaten to put others into debt, take their money and spend it, causing more debt, followed by more borrowing, debt, borrow, debt, borrow, debt, etc, ad infinitum.
This seems to be Obamanomics.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The master at Work.

Willan playing Ye Watchers and Ye holy Ones at S.Mary Magdalene, Toronto, in 1966.
With the new translation of the missal, we Roman Catholics may soon be able to use his settings of the communion service. (Example.)

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The State: Now with power over life and death!

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but if this is true, I'll fight it till I die. It was a policy like that that killed my grandmother. I'm serious. They stopped her cancer treatment and gave her high doses of morphine, which killed her. It's so insensitive, so pompous that I could rant for seventy paragraphs and never tell the full extent of how I feel about this.
But I do know one thing: If this does get considered as a law, and the media doesn't do their usual blackout of O's less popular policies and pronouncements, they'll lose my siblings and my mother. What those doctors did to my grandmother hurt my mom so much that she's still not over it.I'm still feeling it's effects. If that ever in my life becomes a law, I'll just call Unjust Law and hold myself responsible to disobey it, fight it, and encourage others to go and do likewise.

And on that note, I'll respond to an e-mail I got asking what all the political commentary is all about.
I don't think it's any secret that I'm a Catholic. Now, most of my political views came from my faith.
Just going by the Catechism of the Catholic church, I beleive that all citizens have a duty to respect and obey just laws given by the government, as a fulfillment of the fourth commandment. (C.C.C. No.2238) I also beleive, however, that a government has a duty to respect, protect, and promote the individual rights of all it's citizens . Citizens are not slaves of the state, but the state is given to serve it's citizens (C.C.C.No. 2235) It is the duty of the state to protect the rights of all human persons, and it may never infringe on them without just cause. They are not to set their personal interests and ambitions against the interests of the community they govern. (C.C.C. Nos. 2237 and 2236)
As a consequence of this, the state may never establish laws contrary to the natural law, and the dignity and rights of all persons. ( C.C.C.No. 2235) Governments and citizens ought to work together for the common good of all people, not just those within it's borders, therefore, the state ought never to contravene the natural rights which belong to every person, in their country and in others. Lastly, when the government exercises authority, it should do so with the object of promoting the freedom and personal responsibility of all people.(C.C.C. No. 2236) Not of promoting reliance on the state for everything, or "Nanny Statism."
Where and when the government is following this doctrine, if you will, of governing, all have a duty to submit to their government's authority, obey it's laws, and pay duties imposed on them. ( C.C.C.No. 2240)
But, where and when the state sets up unjust laws that contradict conscience, natural law, individual rights, and the common good of the nation and the world, citizens have a duty, not only to refuse obedience to those laws, but to work against those who promote them. (C.C.C.No. 2242)
These are the basic principles on which all my ideas rest, and most my critiques of the current administration have some basis on these, the most general being the good of the nation, which can be applied to almost any law or policy. If it's bad for the country, it fits under that principle. (At least in my poor thinking.)
And lastly, as this is quite important, I'll just quote it in full:

Catechism of the Catholic church No. 2239:
"Those subject to authority should regard those in authority as representatives of God, who has made them stewards of his gifts...... Their loyal collaboration includes the right, and at times the duty, to voice their just criticisms of that which seems harmful to the dignity of persons and to the good of the community."

hasis mine.

Feast of the Redeemer.

Which the Mercedarians celebrated (And still do) on July 9th. This is lauds and vespers of the office according to a mercedarian breviary printed in 1961. It differs from the Roman office for that feast only in the chapter at Lauds and vespers.

AD I Vesperas:

Ant.1 Virgam virtútis suae emítet Dóminus ex Sion , et regnabit in saeculum seculi.
ant.2. Redemptiónem misit Dóminus pópulo suo ; mandávit in aetérnum testaméntum suum.
ant.3 Misericordia mea , et refúgium meum Dóminus, suscéptor meus, et liberator meus.
ant.4.Apud Dóminum misericordia , et copiosa apiid eum redémptio.
ant.5.In quacúmque die invocávero te, exáudies me : multiplicabis in ánima mea virtútem

Capitulum. 1.Petr.1:18
Scientes quod non corruptibilibus, auro vel argento, redempti estis de vana vestra conversatione paternæ traditionis: sed pretioso sanguine quasi agni immaculati Christi.

Creator alme síderum,
Eterna lux credéntium ,
Jesu , Redémptor ómnium ,
Inténde volis súpplicum.

Commune qui miindi nefas
Ut expiares, ad crucera
E Vírginis sacrário
Intacta prodis víctima.

Cujus potéstas glóriae ,
Noménque cum primum sonat
Et cœlites et ínferi
Tremente curvántur gemí.

Qui daemonis ne fráudibus
Períret orbis, ímpetu
Amóris actus , lánguidi
Mundi medéla factus es.

Te deprecámur últimae
Magnum diei Júdicem ,
Armis supernae grátiae
Défende nos ab hóstibus.

Iesu, tibi sit gloria,
Qui natus es de Vírgine ,
Cum Pâtre , et almo Spíritu ,
In sempiterna saecula. Amen.

V. Redemisti nos, Domine , in sanguine tuo.
R. Et fecisti nos Deo nostro regnum.
Ad Mag. ant.: Salus autem mea in sempiternum erit, et justítia mea in generatiónes generatiónum, alleluia.

DEUS , qui Unigénitum Tui mundi Redemptorem constituisti, el per eum, devicto morte, nos misericorditer ad vitam reparasti : concede;ut ac beneficia recoléntes tibi perpetua cáritate adhaerére, et ejúsdem redemptiónis fructum percípere mereámur. Per eúmdem.

Ad Laudes:
Ant.1.Cántate Domino , quóniam magnífice fecit : annuntiáte hoc in universa terra.
ant.2.Ecce Deus Salvátor meus , fiduciáliler agam ; quia faclus est mihi in salútem, alleluia.
ant.3.Haurietis aquas in gaudió de fóntibus Salvatóris , et dicétis : Confitémini Dómino , et invocate nomen ejus.
ant.4.Facta est salus , et virtus regnum Dei nostri , et potestas Christi eius.
ant.5.Exulta, et lauda, habitatio Sion : quia magnus in medió tui sanctus Israel.

Capitulum. 1.Petr.1:18
Scientes quod non corruptibilibus, auro vel argento, redempti estis de vana vestra conversatione paternæ traditionis: sed pretioso sanguine quasi agni immaculati Christi.

Salutis humánae Sator,
Jesu, voluptas córdium.
Orbis redempti Conditor,
Et casta lux amántium.

Qua victus es clementia,
Ut nostra ferres crimina
Mortem subíres ínnocens,
A morte nos ut tolleres.'

Te cogat indulgéntia
Ut damna nostra sarcias .
Tuíque vultus compotes
Dites beato lúmine.

Iesu , tibi sit gloria ,
Qui natus es de Virgine .
Cum Patre, et almo Spiritu,
In sempiterna saecula.
V.Domine , refugium factus es nobis.
R. A generatione et progénie.

Ad Bened. Ant: Ecce Deus noster iste ; espectávimus eum , et salvábit nos sustinuimus eum, exultabimus et laetábimur in salulári eius alléluia.

DEUS , qui Unigénitum Tui mundi Redemptorem constituisti, el per eum, devicto morte, nos misericorditer ad vitam reparasti : concede;ut ac beneficia recoléntes tibi perpetua cáritate adhaerére, et ejúsdem redemptiónis fructum percípere mereámur. Per eúmdem.

Ad II Vesperas:
Ad Magnif. Ant: Regnum tuum regnum omnium saeculórum, et dominátio tua in omni generatióne et generatiónem , alleluia.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm stealing this.

From here.
Kind of an addendum to my last post on Cap and Tax.
You know what's weird? One of those dark states is Pennsylvania. Wait, I live in Pennsylvania. And my uncles live in coal country. That's odd. It's almost as if we're going to lose money due to wealth-throwing-away- I mean, Redistribution.
But that's not possible. The government is here to save us, right? That's why they're taking all our money and bankrupting our most lucrative industry. It's only seemingly negative. But don't let your eyes deceive you, just listen to the government. Good, I needed that reassurance.