Saturday, February 28, 2009


Or at least I feel like I might. I've come down with something terrible, and I might need a hospital visit. There's been too many symptoms over the post few days to note.
Please pray for me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feria IV Cinerum.....

..Otherwise known as Ash Wednesday. I'm off to mass in a few minutes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Is it sad that I've always known where this came from?

Ritual Notes.

Seventh Sunday Per Annum.
12:15 English Sung mass.
The Archdiocesan Boychoir sang at this mass
I had planned to just attend this mass, but was asked to be thurifer, then second taperer when someone didn't show. (he was late) The entrance hymn was "To Jesus Christ our Sovereign King", with an , um, interesting organ accompaniment. I think improvisations should be done in between verses, not during them, however good. The mass setting was By Petro Yon, but I did'nt get the name. The gloris was the best section. Collect, readings, and Psalm. My friend sang the psalm as a solo. I think he did good, but needs to project. I did'nt like the setting of the alleluia, sorry.
The credo was recited, and the offertory motet was Mozart's "Laudate Dominum". The crucifer has to rember that we bow together before leaving the footpace of the altar.
The super oblata, preface dialogue and preface were sung, more Pietro Yon for the sanctus. Chasuble lifted at the consecration by the MC. The thurifer needs to rember that all the servers bow low during the words of consecration.I don't know who the the acclamation was by, but I liked it.
The Pater noster was chanted, the sign of peace given as usual. There were a lot of visitors, so an extra priest and a second communion station was needed.There were a lot of motets during communion, and all I rember was "Pueri Concinite" after the ablutions. The soloist was good, but needs to avoid vibrato.
The post-communion was sung, followed by a second collection for the choir and a round of applause. The blessing and dismissal were sung, and we all said the prayer to St.Michael after mass, as usual.
The recessional was "Lift high the Cross". We don't cut off hymns at my parish, but they did today, after the second verse. No postlude by the choir's organist.
I think the choir was good, but needs to work on blending.
But I'm biased, I keep comparing them to choirs like St.Thomas in New York,King's, and Westminster Cathedral. I'm too used to the Anglican choral tradition.
(Okay, so Westminster Cathedral is Catholic. )
On that note, This has been being replayed most of today.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I really don't get it.

Liberal Catholicism. I don't get.
Don't think that I haven't tried. I believe that it's always wrong to deny or reject an idea or opinion without trying as much as possible to understand it. If that means that I have to read Rahner and the Dutch Catechism, so be it. If it means that I have to get acquainted with Liberation Theology, so be it.
But despite this, I still don't get it. Liberal Catholicism always seems so cold and intellectual to me, so eletist, and very much contradictory.
Case in point: Fr. Finigan.
I'll spare you the illogical Appeal to Emotion that is the article in The Pill, but I think it shows something that's been shown to me over and over again: Lib Cath. does'nt work. Mostly, because Libs are what they hate: A Totalitarian opinion machine, constantly forcing it's eletist opinions on everyone, allowing no exceptions to those who disagree with it. Looking down on folk and devotional practices, clearing them away for a bland suburban white-bread community with no life. hence, they are not truly liberal, just dissenters who need a cool word to get followers.
Yes, u see whut I did thar?
Yup, I reversed their opinions of what they call "Conservatives" back onto them.
In the end, Libs. are only a second Magisterium, a dissident one, but still a magisterium claiming power over the faithful and confomance to their views. hence, Fr. Finigans (who are truly Liberal in the word's real sence), are not to be tolerated.
Let me not paint with a broad brush though. There are those who claim to be liberal who truly are. They dissent from church teaching, but generously allow those who disagree with them to exist somewhat peacefully.
But guess what? Still does'nt work. For many of these people, conformity is not important because they allow or even support a kind of theological pluralism, to the point of claiming that all views are valid, and which is right for you is subjective. In such a case, Catholicism becomes something totally grey and undefined.
The question of truth naturally arises, but is given the simple answer "Does'nt matter." Truth does'nt matter, as long as everyone is happy. Logical contradictions and theological hoop-jumping become neccesary, tolerated, and even supported in such a view.
This kind of pluralism and subjectivism does'nt make any sense. Under such a system, TULIP is Catholic. The Westminster Confession is Catholic. The 39 articles (Sans Tract 90) are Catholic. All sorts of heresies and ridiclous opinions are valid and fully Catholic, as long as the person who holds them feels that they are.
So the term "Catholic" becomes totally meaningless. You can create your own Catholicism, fit just for you.
To make my point clearer, using this logic, you can take Statism and call it Libertarianism because you want to. And guess what? Statism would be Libertarianism, for you at least.
I would say that this is contradictory to the Catholic spirit, but "liberals" Would remind me that as above, anything is Catholic if you want it to be.
But, the second kind of Liberal is a rare beast indeed, and it is the first that makes all the press and gets on the news.
They wrote the article, and as always, they felt it okay to tell half-truths and blatant lies to get their point across. It's blatant slander, which is a sin. Fr.Joseph, one of the priests at my parish preached an excellent sermon last Sunday where he said that slander and gossip are sinful. I remember him saying that you can never get back a man's good name, and when you ruin it through your own fault, you have to apologize and make reparation for your sin.
I encourage the Tablet to do this.
I strongly encourage you all to remember all dissenting Catholics , especially those at the Tablet at the holy sacrifice of the mass, and to pray a decade of the rosary for their conversion tomorrow. Our Blessed Lady brought forth the Truth to the world, so it's most fitting to ask her to pray for the triumph of truth.

I'm Devastated.

They've ruined my childhood. DO NOT see the new Dragon ball Z (DBZ) movie. It's horrible! They made Goku an intelligent white emo kid, instead of a dumb, hyper asian-looking* kid. Master Roshi has no beard, and is'nt a perv anymore. Goku can drive and get's discouraged. It's just not the same. They've not only changed peoples looks and personalities, but important parts of the plot too. Namek is gone (So where's Piccolo from?! Duh! You take that out and the Dragonballs don't work idiots! If there's no Namek, there's no dragon. No dragon = No Dragonballs. No dragonballs=the plot falls apart. Plot Fail.) I've heard the acting sucks too. And, Shonen Jump sold out and actually SUPPORTS this excuse for a movie. The DBZ fandom should be outraged.
I call just war!

This is Getting Really Old.

Why do people keep using the Argument to the Poor whenever it comes to liturgy? Really, it makes no sense and is slightly elitist. The constant haranguing that things such as choral music and Latin aren't accessible to the poor, so stop being elitist and take it down to the lowest common denominator so that they can understand it. Yes, I've heard several more modern people say such things. It does'nt work because it builds on another mostly unproven argument, which presupposes it's conclusion ('X' is inaccessible except to the learned). I mean, ANYTING is inaccessible if you don't know what it is. An all-vernacular mass can be inaccessible. Much modern music is inacessible to a large majority of Catholics, a phenomenon so widely known that I'm surprised anyone would ever use the Argument from Inacessibility when it comes to music.
So we have the A.F.I. Now, what the A.T.P. does wrong is presuppose two things:

A) To understand 'X', you need a whole lot of really hard training.
B) Such training is totally inacessible to lower-class people.

Now, I call B.S. on A, firstly because no kind of quantifyer is given for 'understand'. how much do you need to understand 'X' ? I can basically read and interpret Gregorian Chant, but I don't know what any of the commonly used terms are. (Quilisma, pressus, epsilisma, etc.) I don't even know how to sing those squiggly things that look like trills.
So do I or do I not understand chant?
Untill a qualifyer is given, 'A' is subjective and fails, because I don't think you can use a subjective quality to prove an objective point.

It could also be a lie. Using myself as an example again, I do basically know chant, but without any sort of formal trianing or anything. I just downloaded a Graduale and started reading. Depending on what is spoken about, you could need little to no training at all. I have a very, very basic understanding of Latin. I can mostly translate it, but all I did was start using a Latin-English office book twice a day, and over the course of about 4 months, I became familiar with it.

I call B.S. on B as well. Super B.S. It's just a lie. Anyone with a computer can do a google search, and it's not like there's a dearth of info on the internet. And even there is, liturgical worship is something that parishes should be making sure that parishioners can take part of. If a parish really cares about people knowing 'X' they'll make some sort of attempt to teach it.
So yah, avoid fallacies and such or calico-colored hampster will eat your other leg.*

*G4 reference FTW!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I changed the pic on my profile.You won't get it, trust me. But it's Ryohei (from Katekyo hitman Reborn!),the guy who wants Tsuna to join his boxing club, and ends up becoming part of Tsuna's family as a family as a guardian. Ryohei's kinda dumb. Actually, he's really dumb. Everything is always 'to the extreme!' to him, kinda like Taro Rimon from Eye Sheild 21. ( Everything is always 'To the Maximum!' with him.)
Also, this is a better version of the previously posted Allegro Maestoso. Sounds like either a Pousaune, or a Bombarde at the end. Can't tell. Maybe not Pousaune, since they're a little more brassy-sounding.
Keep a watch for more arts of mine.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Remember this? I found out what it was. Allegro Maestoso, Organ sonata No 4. , Felix Mendelssohn.
Don't lie, that's so awesome. It reminds me of Max Reger so much that I thought it was a work of his.


This is Sacerdotal Retardation at it's finest.
Really, he thinks that the Catholic church in the U.S. is a healthy thriving organism, and just about equates liking Latin with being a Nazi. Even worse, he happily calls everyone who enjoys Latin liturgy 'hypocrites', 'Unfaithful', 'Selfish' and 'Disobedient'. ("Because if you don't agree with all my opinions, you're disobedient!!11!!one!!1!" But doesn't that make him disobedient because he says the pope is wrong? Oh Noes!! A Logical Paradox!)
People who are'nt completely happy with the bad catechesis and generally badly done liturgy prevelant today are parasites, and everyone should be happy that they'll eventually die out.
Um , thanks for being so charitable, Father?
Did people lose their minds about this SSPX thing, now being completely unable to even be charitable or logical? I think I just got stupider.

Please pray for the Pope, and for all priests. Go to Our Lady.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Liam's Valentine's day Photo.

I said I wouldn't try to STEAL it, not that I didn't want it.

Moira's Valentine's day Photo.

Thanks for being you, babe!
One of the ones donated to me.

You know what's a cool site?

You can (legally) download free organ music that this guy plays, records, and uploads. Granted, they don't have every thing you might be looking for. (eg. None of Durufle's Prelude, adagio, and Chorale on Veni Creator Spiritus.) But lot's of Bach, Reger,Elert , Couperin and Clerambault.
Now, I've got an almost new ipod, so let's see if I can get it to work.


I have a new place to practice my music. I'm going to keep my stop choice limited, as I've only dealt with a pipe organ with 19 ranks, rather the almost 50 rank beast I'll be playing. I'm only going to playing what I'm familiar with, and this is what I had:

Grande Orgue :
-8 Montre
4 Prestant
- 8
Flûte Basse
-4 Flûte Céleste
-8 Trompette
-8 Viol D'Amour
2 2/3 Nasard
-2 Octavin

Recit :
-8 Montre
4 Prestant
- 8
Flûte Basse
- 8 Hautbois
-Cymbale III
-8 Dulcian

-8 Gamba
-15 Bourdon.
here was once a 32' Soubasse and an 8'Trompette in the pedal, but these were removed.)

I'll use t
heir equivalents. Actually, no- I will use some different stops. I want to try out some of the pedal stops, (OMG TERE'S A 32 CONTRA BOMBARDE AND A 32' TROMBA) And I'll use the 16' contra gambe and 16' Lieblich Flute on the grande orgue and recit respectively. It also
has an Antiphonale section in the chancel. I'd love to try out my Jeu Dialogue on that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I picked my Lenten reading: Introduction to the Devout Life, S. Francis de Sales.
I'm Partway through re-reading The Imitation already (I read it during Advent). The first book was especially helpful.

Joe's DeviantArt.

Yes. I draw art, avi , fan, and religious. Go here to see my deviant page where I upload my drawings.
I know, not perfect, but I'm self-taught.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Because I have'nt said this before...

Cardinal Rigali's crozier is probably the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Purvis' Valentine's day Photo.

...................... "huh?" - Purvis.
Not too pretty, Is he? Don't know why there's no Dr.Singh and Timmy, Or Lance, or Samantha, but they picked this guy.

I got all the pictures now.

Yup. I'm going to post Purvis tonight and do the last ones to morrow. Some kind anonymous (Seriously, I don't even know what their their name is.) person actually donated the last ones to me.

Jonny K. Gambino's Valentine's day Photo.

........................... " BWAHAHAHAHA! Romance is mine!"-Johnny G.
Why Yesh, the hair is extremely disturbing.

I hope this is'nt really true.

If so, this is terrible.

A new version of African slave trade being ignored because it is'nt PC to talk about it.

Gino's Valentine's day Photo.

I filched this one. I'm not giving away all my items and gold for this Photo, even if it is the most coveted and hard to get one.
Currently, the most expensive in the marketplace as well. I'm not filching Liam's as I don't care his values.

Oremus. (For the Pope.)

Oramus te , Pater clementissime pro Papa nostro Benedicto: Protege illo et tua virtute sanctifica.

Edmund's Valentine's day Photo.

I never knew Edmund could smile/be happy.

Thread Regurgitation.

onI don't know where I found this term, but I like it. Thread Regurgitation refers to the bumping of of long-dead threads (popularly known as "Necro-Posting' ) usually instigated by a person for the purpouses of:
1) saving a good but dying thread from oblivion
2) contributing to the discussion of similar topic in another thread
3) Generating posts in a dying forum by bringing back a popular topic.
The thread or topic is for all purpouses 'thrown back up' before the people to be discussed, used, and abused.
I just wish other people used it and not just me [/emo]

Nicolae's Valentine's day Photo.

.........I can't even comment on this one. Nicolae is usually so reserved and professional, mostly because he sells illegal stuff and needs to be on the watch I also figured he'd be much skinnier.

*Dies Repeatedly*

This is so Cool.

Blaze's Valentine's day Photo.


Double Novena

Mu anniversary of Confirmation is coming up, so I'm praying a double novena. I didn't know about double novenas till last year. An old black lady that lives around the corner to me, and who goes to a nearby parish told me about them. Basically, it's a novena before a date and a novena after the date in thanksgiving. So I'm praying a double novena to the Holy Spirit (Until February 15) and Our Lady (Starting February 16), since I credit my conversion to Our Lady's prayers.

Flynn's Valentine's day Photo.

It's a fun game, but it looks like I'll have to get a mule account to get all the picture.

Gaia Is'nt Working.

I got most of the photos last nigh, but I can't send valentines to NPCs right now. It keeps coming up as a database error. Oh well, I'll just have to steal them from people's sigs.

Ian's Valentine's day Photo.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Go here to read an awesome post about the father of lies.
as we pray at compline every Tuesday "Be sober, be vigilant. For your adversary the devil,as a roaring lion roams about, seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist ye steadfast in the faith"
(1 Peter 5:8-9)
Kudos to Fr. Check.

Rufus' Valentine's day Photo.


Devin's Valentine's day Photo.

I'm collecting them all on the Gaia event. Gotta love free collectible items. I'll sell them in a year and get my Kiki.
I'll post them as I get them.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Answering a Question.

Last night, someone asked me a question.
Now, I can do a lot of things. I might not do them all well, but at least I know how to do them. Someone asked my why I wanted to do so many things. The answer is because that's how I was raised.
My parents always told me that if you want something done, even if you know that someone else is going to do it for you, you should know how to do it yourself. Firstly, because it saves time, money, and stress. Secondly, because you might not be able to find anyone to do it for you.
Basically, that's how I ended up the way I am now. I like organ music, so I taught myself how to play the organ and how to registrate a piece according to it's mood.
I like Gregorian Chant, so I told myself how to read, interpret, and sing it.
I like choral singing, so I studied it so that I knew how to interpret the music, how to train voices, how to blend voices, etc.I learned how to form and direct a schola or small choral group. I learned how to teach singing in liturgical settings.
I like art, so I studied it myself and became an amateur artist.
Why am I posting all this?
Because, a lot of us in the movement for liturgical reform sometimes expect others to get done what we want done. But it;s not like that,and it can't be. You have to be bold enough to know what to do yourself, and have something other than criticism to add. Basicall,I'm saying LEARN something useful ifyou don't know anything already.
For me, I have music. Maybe you know Fortuscue by heart. Maybe you've read the Ordo Romanus and the Ordo of St.Amand 30 times. Maybe you can make vestments.
Maybe you've just got it like that and have money to throw around for vestments and church plate.
Whatever, just have something.Griping and complaining while waiting for the Liturgical Saviour to come and re-train the servers to be reverent,or form the schola,or teach the pronunciation of Latin gets, and got us nowhere. If you can present resources, you can often get things done.
Besides, take it from me, it's not that hard anyway.

He's right , you know.

"I think the Orthodox are right here. Church music can never truly be 'popular' because of the way it is used and it's content. Church (music) is an art form in itself that should transcend the boundaries of 'popular' or not."
Via t
he Ship.

It's quite ironic.

Pres.Obama likes to refer to the stimulus package as another version of FDR'S New Deal.
But doesn't everyone know how badly that turned out, actually prolonging the Great Depression?
Well, it's no surprise when he's saying that we're in the worst economic crisis since the great depression, even worse than it.
Reactionary much?
I also think the Kool-aid's wearing off, with his approval ratings down, the stimulus package being in the low 30's.
No matter, I still offer my Thursday rosary for him. Interestingly, the Obama shrine in my school's atrium looks less extravagant than before. There are;nt any flowers there any more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Feast Day!

it's 10:40 Philly time, and I'm just getting back from the festivities.

They stole my idea and decked the altars with blues, gold,and white roses. All the reliquaries were displayed on the gradines of the altar, including S.Bernadette's relics.
It began with a solemn procession around the church, with a station (But no collect) at the altar of Our Lady of Lourdes, while the choir sang the antiphon "O holy Dwelling place of God, O holy Temple of the Word, O holy Mary, holy Mother of God." By Alstott. Quite nice, sounds like an adaptation of a Gregorian ant.
The procession consisted of a master of ceremonies, thurifer and boat-bearer, crucifer and acolytes, eight servers 'in choro' nine Bernadettes (the parish's girls society.) Some Knights of Malta, six or so seminarians and priests, Mercedarian brothers snd sisters, two concelebrants, two deacons, a second master of ceremonies and celebrant. It took place with the church darkened while the people and those in procession held small candles.The lights came on during the gloria.

Like I mentioned earlier, mass was celbrated facing the liturgical east, i.e. "Ad Orientem", The mass setting was Richard proulx's 'A Community Mass' except for the Kyrie* which was the Kyrie Simplex.
The gospel procession consisted of acolytes with candles , thurifer, boat-bearer, and deacon with gospel-book. Strangely, the dialogues before and after the gospel were sung, but not the gospel itself.
The sermon was about Monsignor Lallou, Lourdes' um, 'eccentric' pastor in the fifties*, and the importance of going to our lady to avoid becoming personal Massabielles, that it, Garbage Dumps of sin. She will help us by her prayer to hse son who made her Immaculate. Mention was made of turning toward the lord in prayer, in a common direction. No doubt having to do with the direction of the mass.

The Credo was recited, and the intercessions ready by a deacon. The sick were blessed afterwards.
The offertory motet was a setting of the proper antiphon, "Ave Maria" By Victoria. The offetory hymn was "hail, all hail Great Queen of heaven."
The eucharistic liturgy took place as usual, Versus Deum, with deacons on the steps. In my opinion, the solemn concelbrated mass looks better facing the liturgical east. Rather than cramming everyone behind the altar on the footpace, people can be spread out on the steps.

The deacons held the commuion pates at communion, which was given kneeeling at the altar rail.
While communion was given, the magnificat was chanted in English. The Te Deum was sung in Latin to the simpler setting as the communion motet.
The blessing and Prayer to S.Michael were done as usual. The recessional hymn was 'Immaculate Mary" (Duh. Like you did'nt know it was going to be in there.)
The postlude (or voluntary) was BWV 572 (Fantasia in G major.)
Refreshments and conversations at Ivy hall.

It was all in all great. Soo good, that I heard out of towners talking about how much they loved it, including a lady visintg from Detroit (A parishioner of the rightly famous Assumption Grotto Parish.)
I sang vespers in my room at 5:30 PM today. We were short ten or so servers, and the deacon had some balance problems at the altar. I was'nt sure where I was to sit.
* Are'nt the introductory rites omitted after a liturgical procession like that?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Debating the crusades online right now. I'll have a transcript later.
so far it's a waste. I cite dates, names, professors,documents from actual crusaders,etc, etc, and he just says the logical equivalent of "LOL CATLILICS DID ITLOLOL!11!ONE!!!!!1111!!"
he refuses to acknowledge any other factors leading to the crusades and denies that Muslims ever attacked Europe or tried to conquer it, saying that big, powerful Christian Europe attacked the poor, peaceful defenseless Islamic east, who were tinkering with their inventions, just trying to make the world a better place.
Good Lord, Is this what they teach in college?
how is it that an untrained highschool kid can know more facts and generally have a better grasp of logical debate and knowlegde of history than a college trained man?
It's a travesty. Travesty, I say.


Read the whole debate here. You'll know who I am because I'm the person with the colorful avatar who questioned his assertion that Catholics "Decide what Jesus said and what he didn't say" at 7:15 PM.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Nico Robin!

From One Piece!
It's so hard to find pictures of her that aren't inappropriate. But then It's harder to find pictures of Abe and Mihashi that are'nt inappropriate.


My home altar for the feast. I've taken out the good candlesticks which have been in my closet since after Epiphany, and I've got two boxes of candles. Now I have to find some roses. Don't know if I'll do all white like last year, or If I'll do pink like they did at the church. Maybe I'll do blue and yellow, since blue is our lady's color, and when our lady appeared to St. Bernadette, there was a pale yellow rose on each foot.
So yes, I'll be doing another extravagant display of piety as always. ;D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm in Shock again.

Did the ninth generation boss really shoot Tsuna's dad? Why?! Why would he try to kill his second in command and father of the 10th gen. boss, his hand-picked successor? I don't get the mafia.
Of course, I'm talking about Reborn! again.
h, and I found the last Kikkaider DVD. Now I get to see the ending.
It wasn't actually the 9th. Great, impersonators. Now it's future Tsuna with the broken Ten Year Bazooka.

You know these guys.

Or you should. Some of the Mercedarian friars who run my parish, including the brother in charge of the servers/ master of ceremonies, and my pastor.

It's Septuagesima!

In the ancient use of the Roman Rite.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ritual Notes.

This is actually a heads up note. Spread the news, Our Lady of Lourdes' patronal feast day mass will be a solemn mass in the ordinary form. It we be solemn as we can get with a proper procession, torch bearers + incense at the elevation, all the servers attending, candlelight procession etc, etc. But this is the big news:
It will be offered Ad Orientem.
As in Versus Deum.
As in Facing the Liturgical east.
As in, Not Versus Populorum.
As in, with the Back to the People.
As in, Not Facing the People.
Gei it now?
This is Big! I kind of wish I weren't thurifer so that I could take photos. Maybe someone else will come and take photos, or even, God Willing, a video.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It's... It's a miracle. Please God, let it be real!... It's real. I'm in shock. Someone out there actually has the same distinctions between liturgical and devotional music that I make.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


From an online conversation:

[20:01] But the seething, rising bouts of stupidity born from this subculture make me wonder if I could ever associate with them outside of the interwebs.
[20:01] * Noise † King sighs.
[20:01] You just reminded me of it.
[20:01] I'm too black for this [censored], Riggs.
[20:01] * Kanny shudders at the outcry against the textbook. o.o;
[20:02] Danny Glover should have said that line.

Ok, here we go...

I'm done with the people of Local Catholic Parish. I'm tired of their BS excuses of why I can't practice. It's time to move on.It's been close to a full month since I've had any practice. Mom and Dad want me to try to reason with LCP,but honestly, it's a waste.
I can Try St.Francis de Sales, but I don't know how their organ restoration is going. St.Donato's is also nearby. St.Patrick's stupidly went digital rather than restoring, as if a ritzy place like that couldn't afford it.
I don't know where else to go, or what to do.We'll just see if I need to finallly come to terms with giving upon music.

It's not like we did'nt know it was going to happen.

My voice is totally gone now.

Requiescat in Pace.

Michael Dubruiel.
O gentlest heart of Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament, ever consumed with burning love for the poor captive souls in Purgatory, have mercy on the soul of thy servant Micheal. Be not severe in thy judgment, but let some drops of thy Precious Blood fall upon our beloved departed. And do Thou, O merciful Saviour, send thy angels to conduct the soul of thy servant to a place of refresment and peace.
Office of the Dead.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been playing this song over and over again....

..For 30 minutes. Listen! I like it a lot. It reminds me of a processional on "Duke Street" I came up with last week.


It's snowing again.


I've got allergies.Bad .I feel terrible and I've a crapload of work due. I also ad a job interview tat I missed today because I got sick.


To Our Lady of Lourdes. She's the patron of my parish, and her feast is coming up.(Febriary 11) There will be a Candelight procession and solemn mass at 7:30 PM on the 11th.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not AGAIN.....

I saw Mr. Brady, my parish's organist playing a piece that I've heard before. I looked over his shoulder to see the name of it, but it must be a piece with many movements because all I saw was a Roman numeral and "Allegro Maestoso". I've looked it up, but I can't find anything that sounds like it.


Looks older than it actually is, doesn't it?

Photo credit.

What happenned?

MassInformation is gone.

I wonder why?

It's a first.

Today, I sang the introit, offertory, and communion antiphon of the day.
From the Liber Usualis. In public. I think I did okay, but I messed up a bit during the communion ant. Actually, I got lost. But I recovered and I'm sure no one could tell.