Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Devastated.

They've ruined my childhood. DO NOT see the new Dragon ball Z (DBZ) movie. It's horrible! They made Goku an intelligent white emo kid, instead of a dumb, hyper asian-looking* kid. Master Roshi has no beard, and is'nt a perv anymore. Goku can drive and get's discouraged. It's just not the same. They've not only changed peoples looks and personalities, but important parts of the plot too. Namek is gone (So where's Piccolo from?! Duh! You take that out and the Dragonballs don't work idiots! If there's no Namek, there's no dragon. No dragon = No Dragonballs. No dragonballs=the plot falls apart. Plot Fail.) I've heard the acting sucks too. And, Shonen Jump sold out and actually SUPPORTS this excuse for a movie. The DBZ fandom should be outraged.
I call just war!

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