Thursday, February 12, 2009

Answering a Question.

Last night, someone asked me a question.
Now, I can do a lot of things. I might not do them all well, but at least I know how to do them. Someone asked my why I wanted to do so many things. The answer is because that's how I was raised.
My parents always told me that if you want something done, even if you know that someone else is going to do it for you, you should know how to do it yourself. Firstly, because it saves time, money, and stress. Secondly, because you might not be able to find anyone to do it for you.
Basically, that's how I ended up the way I am now. I like organ music, so I taught myself how to play the organ and how to registrate a piece according to it's mood.
I like Gregorian Chant, so I told myself how to read, interpret, and sing it.
I like choral singing, so I studied it so that I knew how to interpret the music, how to train voices, how to blend voices, etc.I learned how to form and direct a schola or small choral group. I learned how to teach singing in liturgical settings.
I like art, so I studied it myself and became an amateur artist.
Why am I posting all this?
Because, a lot of us in the movement for liturgical reform sometimes expect others to get done what we want done. But it;s not like that,and it can't be. You have to be bold enough to know what to do yourself, and have something other than criticism to add. Basicall,I'm saying LEARN something useful ifyou don't know anything already.
For me, I have music. Maybe you know Fortuscue by heart. Maybe you've read the Ordo Romanus and the Ordo of St.Amand 30 times. Maybe you can make vestments.
Maybe you've just got it like that and have money to throw around for vestments and church plate.
Whatever, just have something.Griping and complaining while waiting for the Liturgical Saviour to come and re-train the servers to be reverent,or form the schola,or teach the pronunciation of Latin gets, and got us nowhere. If you can present resources, you can often get things done.
Besides, take it from me, it's not that hard anyway.

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