Tuesday, August 31, 2010


(St.Lukes, Germantown, St.Francis day.)


You know, I've never understood what the thing is with a good many "Conservative" Catholics, very often converts, who seem to revel in triumphalistic anti-protestant sentiments. It really does no one any service. It's a disservice to inquiring protestant seekers, and the rather blunt rhetoric only serves to cloud one's vision of authentic protestantism and what it teaches. It makes one no better than the cradle protestant or ex-Catholic who goes about claiming that Catholics worship paintings, or who goes about constantly badmouthing or refusing to properly understand and take to heart their beliefs.

I say this as a former protestant with strong ties to the past churches I used to belong to, especially the Episcopal church. Sure, I read the MCJ, but that's more for humour's sake. I honestly don't think I could speak to someone, even online to no one in particular in such a manner. At least, I couldn't do it without willfully lying. (Like, pretending that anglo-catholicism is just a bunch of wannabe Catholics,or that it's only made up of full of ex-Roman Catholics and openly gay people.)

I guess in this regard, I am a bit liberal. I don't see why things like charity, openness to dialogue and understand, and basic politeness need be seen as the domain of Liberals and dissenters.

Meh, I guess that's why I couldn't have stayed as a traditionalist.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guides to Gaia's Frontier Skies event.

For those interested. The two most thorough can be found here, and here respectively. As an aside, some of those techniques did not work for me. My first four journeys killed everyone, in an attempt to only kill of two. Everyone's health seemed to decrease at the same rate at the same time. Once,I killed four and then accidentally InstaKilled myself. So far, it has been increasingly difficult to find any sort of proper game in the Volcano.I know that Robots are listed as good game to kill, but I have found none myself so far. I had to start over once, due to an error where "Something Blew up!" I refreshed, and it ended my game. The second time that happenned, I simply closed and opened my saved game. That works quite a bit better. Also, I did not see a need to set one's rations to 'filling'. It does'nt make your crew any stronger in practice than they would be if it were set to 'average', and it kills a lot of your rations in the forest, when you ought to be saving them for the Desert and the Volcano, and more especially, the sky. In all of these places, any game at all is rare, and that which you might find is usually small.
Having more bullets than food is highly recommendable though.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This is most Certainly True.


More often than not, people feel that it's heresy to even insinuate that the white wedding-cake reredos with shelf altar, tiny box tabernacle and giant exposition throne is neither ideal, nor lawful. I have no problem with finally admitting it: I don't like them. The fact that most churches with these types of altars never attempt to fully and properly vest them, with a liturgically-coloured frontal only makes it worse. The white altar fades into the background of the white reredos, and the altar and sacntuary as a sacrificial place fades away as the idea of the altar as a shrine of the blessed sacrament comes in in place. Hence, there is a bit of a prevailing idea in the tradition-minded and traddy community that the church is a shrine or temple of the blessed sacrament, and not a consecrated building set apart for the worship of almighty God through the offering of the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

Me, I would see the ideal altar as free-standing, vested with frontals on the front and back, with a single gradine a bit behind it, on which sits the tabernacle and the cross and six candles. No multiple gradines. On the wall, or perhaps attached to the gradines, there ought to be an altarpiece with statues of the saints and religious images,or maybe a liturgically-coloured dossal, to bring prominence to the altar and sanctuary. A ciborium covering the altar and tabernacle would also do well. The above is an example similar to what I propose, only the gradines attached to the wall, and the altar where it stands now. The altar at Ampleforth Abbey is another passable example. They also have here a proper tabernacle.
Another example. I love the tester.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frontier Skies part II

Well, I've played the game. You get an airship, and various commands show up Pokemon-style for your to accept or deny.So far, I've played with all but three of the possible combinations. I have yet to finish a journey, but I'm quite close with my current one. Expect a complete, in-depth guide tomorrow evening.

Hi new followers!

Thank you for following! Though,I personally can't see why anyone is interested in this thing.
For one of you, I've been reading yours for years.One of you might see yours sidelinked. <3


I accidentally forgot to hide my accent today and I let out some words today with the traditional Philadelphia pronunciation. My mother would be so disappointed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm going to learn.....

BWV 568. Now that I have regular access to both a piano and an organ, I go back to learning actual pieces instead of just hymns and doing hymn arrangements and improvisations. It's lovely as you can see, and not too difficult. Luckily with me, I have pretty excellent pedal technique. (Don't worry, I make up for it: I lack the ability to do trills or mordants with my left hand. Sorry guys, just can't.)
So uh....



(Not quite) Daily Psalm

Psalm 15. St.John's, Detroit.


I should be getting back to regular posting. Sorry guys.

Anyways, today was orientation day at the seminary. After the angelus, lauds, and holy mass at the friary, we all went to the seminary. Today, we started to wear the typical seminarian dress for the college division.(Black suit and tie, white shirt.) We filled out forms, and found our rooms. The seminary classes are large enough this year that the seminary has had to open up sections of the dorms that had been vacant for 10-25 years. I think that the room I was given was on of those vacant, unused rooms, Meh, I don't care. As long as it's usable. The seminarians had mass at 11:00, but as we has already had mass at the friary, we did'nt go. Time was spent wandering the grounds and discovering things until 2:00, including the amazing lounge that the lower side has. A pool table, Foosball, ping-pong,televisions, even an N64 with games. As I had games at home, I'll asl my brother to send them so that I can make a donation of them. (They somehow have managed to not have neither Super Smash Brothers nor Starfox64. Loosers.
A delicious lunch in the refectory was later, and then I goofed off for a bit time to waste time.Mostly I stayed in the library, browsing.

Anway, at 2:00, we went to the room where our three sessions with the rest of the new seminarians were held. They were held by the spiritual director, the academic dean*, and the rector. Since it ended at 4:15, and solemn vespers and benediction were at 5:00, it did'nt make sense to go home. So us, the postulants, and two of the seminarians from Raleigh,(who seem to be pretty cool) went to the student lounge to play ping pong (Which I suck at) and pool. (Which I also suck at.) They had a digital organ there too, so my surprise. I got in a little practice, but it's an old Rodgers, and the lower octave of the pedals cipher, and the lower octave of the pedals and manual don't work properly. Oh well, I don't care. More seminarians piled in, and soon the place was pretty full.

At around 4:40, we all left to go to the chapel for vespers. Confusion as to my seat in the choir ensued, as the chart failed to make proper sense. It had me sitting behind the cantor,across from one of our other postulants, in front of one of the priests who I knew, and next to three seminarians who I had gotten to know. Only, the cantor was a little away from where they told me to sit, our postulant was two rows ahead of me, the priest was behind me as on the chart, as was one of the seminarians, but the other two were two rows ahead as well. So I just moved and hoped I was in the right spot.
After vespers and benediction, we went home for dinner and compline. I had a colloquium with my vocations director, and now I'm off to community time.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, I've been here since Friday. My mom, oldest sister, and youngest nephew came over for dinner that night to say goodbye and to have a little tour. Neither is very happy about this all, but eh, there's nothing I can do about that. I had a short class on Saturday on the divine office, and on Sunday night, at solemn sung vespers, me and the two other guys welcomed into the postulancy and got our pins. Nothing much else has happened other than the refusal of my computer to connect to the wireless.

Classes begin this Friday, which is semi-exciting. I say semi-exciting because there's only one class I've ever done very well in in school, and that was English. Others, I only did fair in (Everything except math) Or was really, really, really bad at. (Maths. I don't do math. Math in every and all form is evil.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gaiaonline's Frontier Skies Event

The summer 2010 event. It's been literally a week since they 'released' it. So far, users have done nothing. There's an event page and an event forum, but there's no actual event. We've had the ability to collect a daily sticker, which a) Does nothing at the moment b) Is very glitchy. (Some users have as few as two to four, while I myself have eleven, despite clicking daily.) There were some very vague manga released with NPCs. (I'm going to pick Diederich, Carl and...someone else. Undecided at the moment.)

Gaia has not sent out a single announcement about the event to it's user. The only reason I know anything about it is because I'm a regular in the GCD forum. (Though those prommies seem to not like me. A pox on them) They have'nt even bothered t talk about the Utility Belt Scandal. They have, however, released 15 announcements about the Cash Shop. Figures. "Screw the users! Lets make some Cash on this thing!"


Oh, BTW.

My allergy-induced comatose state has ended. Yayness!


I'm technologically backwards. And I'm proud. I don't know how to send a text message, check my voice mail properly,buy things online, use an e-reader,export PDF files, install an OS,use a DVD player or a video camera. Yes, I seriously cannot do any of that stuff. I have my older brother or I would have my dad do it for me. My mom got a fancy kool new phone that apparently does all sorts of things, but all I do with it is talk.*

This post really has no point, I just got a text message from Fr. Joe about me officially being a seminarian and It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to read it is all.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tones for the office.

One thing that always confuses me is that for the office, all of the psalm tones, besides the tenor and meditation,all have different multiple endings. This is differentiated by the numbers and letters that follow them (eg, tone 1 D is tone 1 with the D ending, while tone 1 D2 is tone 1 with the D2 ending, etc.)

Well, the second tone is usually listed as "2.D". But, there is no other ending. It's not like tone 8 where there's two endings, (G, G* and C) Os the sixth, where there's only one. It's listed as "2.D" as if there were some ending other than the D. I wonder why that is?

Some day, I'll have to ask a chant scholar.

This is why I'll never be a saint.

So yesterday morning, I was getting sick. I figured I'd be fine, so I went ahead and started singing lauds anyway. I got to the third verse of the Benedicite and then I thought to myself; "OH EM GEE IF I DON'T GET SOME MEDICATION NOW I'M GOING TO GET AN ALLERGY ATTACK AND I'M GOING TO DIE." So, I made the cross,put out the candles and went to Walgreens to buy some Alavert, my favourite brand of allergy medication. First, the type I generally buy is not there. I like the allermelts because I suck at taking pills, but those they did not have. I sucked it up and grabbed the box of pills and made my way to the registers.

Interesting thing that, because there were NO PEOPLE AT THE REGISTERS. So I thought, "Maybe there's someone in the cosmetics department." NO ONE. Then I thought, "Maybe there's someone in the photography department." NO ONE. Then I thought, "Let's try the Pharmacy." NO ONE. So I aimlessly walked around the store for about 2:30 .Finally, a guy about my age walked over to the registers. And despite the fact that I had been the only person in the store, Our Lady worked a miracle in honour of her Assumption, because the minute I got there, a queue of about 15 people shows up out of nowhere.

"FINE!" I thought, "I wanted to take money out of the ATM to pay for this anyway!" So I walk over to the ATM, where no one was, and about one foot before I got there, some lady miraculously appears out of nowhere, and proceeds to attempt to take money out. I say "Attempt" because she obviously had no idea what she was doing. Six minutes later (Yes, I counted) she finished, and I get my money out and go over to the register. When I got there, I was like "Sweet! Only two people in front of me!" What I did not factor in was how the person in front would go about purchasing their items. They had a cart full of them.

And they proceeded to pay for each one.


With a receipt after each one.

And with coupons.

Did I mention that to get the coupons, they were slowly looking through a circular to find ones for whatever items they had?
Did I mention that the were slowly ripping them out so that the edges were clean,neat, and even*?

Ten minutes later (Yes, I counted again) The finished, I bought my medicine, and I was out.
Did I mention that I suck at taking pills? I ruined the first one by having a scrap with it as we fought over whether or not it was going to be swallowed. Stupid uppity pill. I tried the next one, which nearly ended in victory, only the casing got too wet, broke open, and I got to taste the lovely tasting chemicals and drugs that are inside pills. Yummy. I washed it down with some water, but then I thought that that might not count, even if I did technically swallow what was in the pill.
The third one and I got along pretty well. I used tea to get it down, and finally got it to go down.
Some day I'm going to have to get around this inability to take pills. It's not just me though: Neither me nor my Father, two of my aunts, three of my cousins, my maternal grandmother, and one of my cats** can take pills.

*I should'nt complain about this, because, being obsessive compulsive, I probably would have done the same thing.

**Though eventually, my skills kicked in and I can get just about any of the cats we've ever had to take their pills. Even the kittens. Even Brutus, the aggressive kitten.

For those who don't know this meme/get the reference: THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

*Notices a similarity*

*Between a chalice that they have and two ciboriums that we have*

You know what I like?

I like how on days that I'm sick, the house kind of clears out and everyone has something else to do. =/


*Is forced to make a trip to Walgreens because the idiot who made shopping list forgot to add kitty kibble.*

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ascendit Christus super cælos..

"Christ ascended above the heavens, and prepared a place of immortality for his most chaste Mother: and this is that goodly festival, incomparable to the feasts of all the Saints, on which the Glorious and Happy, all the orders of the heavenly court a-wondering, came to the ethereal nuptial chamber: so that no one should be unmindful of the pious memory of it."

-Magnificat antiphon, first vespers.

The office today is so lovely. And so was today's mass, even if I was so drugged up on Alavert that I barely remember it. Notes to come later.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I realise I forgot to add This Link when I got the new format. Re-added.

PNG files.

Wherein, Joes possibly does something stupid.

My entire Deviantart gallery. I'm going to delete and re-upload Every.Single.Piece. In higher resolution, in PNG format, with better scanner settings. And whatever does'nt look good can be photoshopped out. It will take forever, and I know lots of people don't like PNG files. But most of my art is intended to be used by users in a small format. Which means that they're going to be shrunk. JPG files don't look as well shrunk as PNG files, besides that PNG files look crisper and have sharper definition.

Time to get to work. D:


To my new follower. Welcome!

Romanticised Dreams of the Religious Life.

I never had any.

Which is good.

You see, when I first started discerning, I followed advice and read the famous book Goodbye, Good Men. And I made up my mind that whether I entered the seminary directly or joined a community, that That was going to be my experience. I prepared to pretend to dislike private devotions, and to ignore traditional forms of prayer. I read up on a few liberal Catholic authors so I could know some of their ideas and let people think I read them for fun. I prepared to live with priests and religious that never ever under any circumstances wear clerical dress or habits. I prepared for masses and liturgies that would make the organisers of the LA religious education conference scream "Abuse! abuse!"
I expected to live among people who have all the love for the church and it's teaching and magisterial authority that you'll find in people like Sr.Joan Chittister, Fr.Bourgeoise, Fr. Richard McBrien, Fr.Joseph O'Leary, and other of their ilk. I expected to lay low and keep any inkling of orthodoxy secret. I expected, in fine, that whether I went to seminary directly or joined a community, unless I join some rad trad community, I'd be in Hell on Earth, and would probably knock off a lot of Purgatory in the process.

Good thing it doesn't look like that's Not what's going to happen.

I think I did the right thing. I expected the worst, and found the best. The best community, and the best seminary. There's no perfect community. I found that out while I was looking. Some of them were a bit too strict for me (Think those Carmelite monks you see linked at the side) Some were too lax (I won't mention them out of charity) but expecting the worst made sure that I did'nt choose a community and go in thinking it'd be all candy and rainbows and dancing sugarplums, so even if as of yet, I can't find anything at all that I don't like about my community or seminary, the possibility that I might later neither shocks nor scandalises me.

So now that that's out of the way, I can't seem to find where I put some of the books I got that I have to bring with me. D;

A Proper Mass.

Note the appareled albs,gothic chasuble, and altar frontal

That's how you do it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Choir.

I secretly enjoy this show. I generally don't tell people, but when I was a young one, I auditioned for the Philadelphia Boys Choir. Obviously, I didn't get in (Voice too shaky and hooty. I didn't have proper training at the church's children's choir so my voice wasn't as nice as it could have been) Since then, one of my secret likes is the sound of a well-trained choir of men and boys (Evidence by my limited, but thorough knowledge of choirs I have never heard in person in places that I have never visited.)

Some of the problems they had, I didn't have. I had the support of a church choir and knowledge that some of them were popular despite being singers, Of course, being in the city,none of the schools have so much as a music program, much less a choir. The richer schools in the nice parts of the city and the suburbs might, but nothing in my neighborhood.

Oh, and I'm upset that one of the boys auditioned with "Shine, Jesus shine" D: Why?! And he had a good voice too. D:


There's now a Roman Catholic version of Death to the World. (Well, it's at least similar.)

"And they stood up....

... and for five days made an unceasing singing of praise."

-The Book of St.John Concerning the Dormition of Holy Mary.

It offends and scandalises, I know, but I enjoy reading these devotional/apocryphal accounts of the Assumption, and I base my prayers on them. For the five days before the feast of the Assumption, I say the Crown of Twelve stars with the collect of the vigil, added to my novena prayer.

And go to that site and read some of the other ones.



I know that parts of the National Shrine organ had been revoiced since I last heard it in concert, but I did'nt know it had been revoiced to that extent. The reeds sound all different. And the 32'Bombarde sounds like it's under lower pressure now. Also, I too think that using the Pontifical trompet would have sounded better. That said, the Shrine' Fourniture sounds quite wonderful, and the bombarde is still spectacular.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Liturgical Items that are evil.

Just a short list.

-Lace, in any form
-Roman chasubles
-polyester, in all it's forms
-Frontal-less altars
-Side altars without covers
-Flowers on said gradines
-Altars built against walls
-Tabernacles hidden where no one can see them
-Tabernacles without veils
-Chalices without veils
-Communion patens
-Birettas in place of the monastic hood
-The Sacred Liturgical Binder
-Organs without reeds and/or proper pedal divisions
-Bleached candles
-Pius XII's holy week
-John XXIII's breviary
-Pius X's Psalter
-Barberini's hymns
-Parts of Paul VI's kalendar
-Altars without relics
-Moveable altars
-Two altars in the same sanctuary
-All music written after the 17th century, with some exceptions.

Clarifications may be given, if needed. (Now, you did'nt see those coming, did you? Of course not.)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Cathedral.

This is what our Cathedral looked like before it was renovated. I would like to see a color photo some day to see what the chancel looked like before it was deepened, the apse and windows added, and the new altar and baldacchino added.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Assumpta est Maria in Caelum....

(The antiphon for the magnificat for first vespers, according to the revised Liturgy of the Hours)

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is my favourite feast of the entire year. It was the day I got my father's permission to go to RCIA, after a novena. It was the day I first started singing the divine office using Gregorian chant. It the feast of hope for all Christians, who hope for the joy of the resurrection of the body at the last day, for Mary was the first of redeemed humanity to take part in it.

It also has one of my favourite offices. Whether one uses the Roman Breviary or the Liturgy of the Hours, the office of the feast has the texts of the second oldest Marian office in the breviary. (The first being that of Mary, the Holy Mother of God on the octave of Christmas.) In the new breviary, which is what I use for the daily office, the texts of the antiphons are taken from a 14th century French breviary, and both textually and musically, they're quite beautiful. This will be my third time going through the sung office, and for the third year in a row, I'll be using new antiphons. For my first year, I used all the antiphons from the old office, as that was all I had. Last year, I used the texts as in the breviary, set to the chants from the Liber Usualis. This year,I'll be using the right antiphons: Those stipulated to be used in the Ordo Cantus Officii.

Unfortunately, in going through them, I saw an unfortunate trend in the texts of the new breviary: The texts in the breviary are shortened forms of the actual antiphons. Compare that antiphon (Of which the first sentence is missing) to the comparative antiphon used in the Liturgia Horarum:

"Ascéndit Christus super cælos, et præparávit suæ castíssimæ Matri immortalitátis locum, allelúia."

You can see, they only used One Sentence out of the whole antiphon! It creates a silly discrepancy between those who recite the office and those of us who sing it. I hope some day this will be resolved.


Just so you guys know, I finished the FAFSA todayThursday. And it was annoying, hard, long, and maddening. First, the stupid thing kept saying that I did not have a PIN. I knew I had a PIN. I had Signed up for it. I had memorised it. So I registered for a new one.

And they told me that I already had one.

After saying that I Didn't have one.

So I used the one that I knew that I had. And they said that it was invalid. They said to wait 72 hours and try again. I tried again. It worked. So I start the form, and get pretty far. I need mother's tax information, and call her for it. Shoe does'nt pick up. Fine, so I saved my form and decided to get back to it. In few hours, she comes home, and I try to open my form. Problem? Invalid pin number again. More waiting. I decide to just go and fill out the Master Promisory Note. Problem? You need a PIN to do it. Mine is invalid. A day later, I get an e-mail confirming my PIN. So I go to fill out the Master Promisory Note. Problem? The FAFSA has to be filled out first. Smae for the PHEA application.

So, I go back to the FAFSA and finish it. I'm told that I will receive an e-mail confirming the FAFSA in 24 hrs, and that I can then fill out my other things.

Four days later, still no e-mail.

*Massive Sigh*

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The building next to This MW'ed church is where we stayed during our trip to New York. (Which may or may not happen again some time before I go away. This one would last two weeks, so I'd get around to some of the places I'd wanted to visit.*)

*IE, Smokey Mary's and St.Thomas on 5th avenue, or maybe Resurrection.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I just wanted to post this photo,

In response to every person in charge of African-American liturgy in the entire United States, most of whom still persist in seeing any sort of traditional liturgy as eurocentric, racist, and not for black people. Remember guys, real black people are suppossed to use gospel music and have services conducted in the style of protestant hymn sandwiches. If you're not doing that, then obviously you're racist/eurocentric/self-loathing/mistaken and need to be re-educated on why you need to be singing Tye Tribbet and not the Missa Orbis Factor.

Or at least, that's what the USCCB says*.

*I wish this were a joke. Please see: "Plenty Good Room", a book put out by the USCCB.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just as an observation,

There's a strange resemblance between the chancels of Grace and St.Peter's, Baltimore and Our Lady of Lourdes,Overbrook.

Just noting.

I've always wondered,

Where one might get one of those little hanging lamps like this one or this one. I've always wanted one,but never knew where to get one.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rather interestingly,

This post, This post, and This post are my highest rated content in the past two months. (The last is the highest, with high double-digit views.) People seem to like them, so I think I'll keep posting like thoughts. Also, my explanation of the mass posts are still getting a lot of views, so I'll seriously consider finishing the series. Yes, two years later, I'll finish it. I'll also revise what I've done.

Just as a treat,

Some more 'catholic influenced' photos of ministers and bishops from my childhood church.I was speaking with the brothers of the worship practices of my father's church, because they were surprised to see them in cassock and stole instead of layclothes or a simple preaching gown.(Don't ask me why there were no surplices. Must be a new policy.) They're certainly lower than the denomination they came from, that I grew up in, but they do retain some of the old practices. My old church was very much influenced by Anglican practies rather than Roman practices. (For example, their liturgical english and the dress of their prelates.) Just for fun, I present for you:

A bishop in cassock, rochet & chimere,ring, cross, crosier, and biretta.
The same in cassock, cross, ring and biretta
Bishop in cassock, cross, ring and skullcap
Bishop in cassock, cross, lace surplice,chimere, and tippet.
Cassock, surplice and tippet.
Cassock, surplice, and tippet again.
Cassock, surplice, and tippet yet again.
Cassock, surplice and tippet times 3.
Cassock and scullcap
Presiding bishop, other bishops, and minsters (In background) at the Holy Convocation.

And of course, there's This, and this from an affiliated church.Over here, however, the cope or eucharistic vestments would be worn for ordinations and communion Sunday only, and mitres are never, ever worn.

I like to look at this magazine cover,

To remind myself of the quality of American religious life. Though I, I can't see what's wrong with it. Didn't St.Clare wear miniskirts and play bongos during mass instead of participating in the the Sacrifice? And I'm pretty sure that St.Bridget of Sweden said that she was 'Beyond Christ on the Cross' once.Just a thought.

The Crown of Twleve Stars.

The Crown of Twelve Stars of the Blessed Virgin Mary
An ancient devotion of the Mercedarian Order.

Let us offer praise and thanksgiving to the Most Holy Trinity, Who hath shown us the Virgin Mary, clothed with the sun, the moon between her feet, and on her head a mystic crown of twelve stars.

R. For ever and ever. Amen.

On the first large bead:

Let us praise and thank the Divine Father, Who elected her for His daughter.

R. Amen. Say Our Father.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Father, Who predestined her to be the Mother of His Divine Son.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Father, Who preserved her from all stain in her conception.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Father, Who adorned her at birth with His most excellent gifts.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Father, Who gave her Saint Joseph to be her companion and most pure spouse.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary, and Gloria.

On the next large bead:

Let us praise and thank the Divine Son, Who chose her for His mother.

R. Amen. Say Our Father.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Son, Who became incarnate in her bosom and there abode for nine months.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Son, Who was born of her and was nourished at her breast.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Son, Who in His childhood willed to be taught by her.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Divine Son, Who revealed to her the mystery of the Redemption of the world.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary, and Gloria.

On the next large bead:

Let us praise and thank the Holy Spirit, Who took her for His spouse.

R. Amen. Say Our Father.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Holy Spirit, Who, revealed first to her His Name of Holy Spirit.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Holy Spirit, by Whose operation she was at once Virgin and Mother.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Holy Spirit, by Whose power she was the living-temple of the ever-blessed Trinity.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary.

On the small bead:

Praised be the Holy Spirit, by Whom she was exalted in Heaven above every living creature.

R. Amen. Say Hail Mary and Gloria.

Let us praise Mary, who hath done so much for our good,
and let us say to her:
God hail thee, Mary,
Mother of Clemency,
Comforter of the Afflicted,
Redemptress of Captives.
Thou art the glory of Jerusalem,
thou art the joy of Israel,
thou art the honor of our people.
V. Remember thy congregation * , O Mary.
R. Which belongs to thee from the beginning.

Let Us Pray
O God, Who by means of the Most Glorious Mother of Thy Divine Son,
didst enrich the Church with a new religious family
for the redemption of the faithful of Christ
from pagan oppression, grant, we beseech Thee,
that we may be freed from our sins
and from the bondage of the devil
by the merits and intercession of her
whom we devoutly venerate as the founder
of so great a work.
R. Amen

Pray Hail, Holy Queen
(to be said for the Holy Catholic Church, for the propagation of the Faith, for peace among Christian peoples and the extirpation of heresy).