Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guides to Gaia's Frontier Skies event.

For those interested. The two most thorough can be found here, and here respectively. As an aside, some of those techniques did not work for me. My first four journeys killed everyone, in an attempt to only kill of two. Everyone's health seemed to decrease at the same rate at the same time. Once,I killed four and then accidentally InstaKilled myself. So far, it has been increasingly difficult to find any sort of proper game in the Volcano.I know that Robots are listed as good game to kill, but I have found none myself so far. I had to start over once, due to an error where "Something Blew up!" I refreshed, and it ended my game. The second time that happenned, I simply closed and opened my saved game. That works quite a bit better. Also, I did not see a need to set one's rations to 'filling'. It does'nt make your crew any stronger in practice than they would be if it were set to 'average', and it kills a lot of your rations in the forest, when you ought to be saving them for the Desert and the Volcano, and more especially, the sky. In all of these places, any game at all is rare, and that which you might find is usually small.
Having more bullets than food is highly recommendable though.

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