Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gaiaonline's Frontier Skies Event

The summer 2010 event. It's been literally a week since they 'released' it. So far, users have done nothing. There's an event page and an event forum, but there's no actual event. We've had the ability to collect a daily sticker, which a) Does nothing at the moment b) Is very glitchy. (Some users have as few as two to four, while I myself have eleven, despite clicking daily.) There were some very vague manga released with NPCs. (I'm going to pick Diederich, Carl and...someone else. Undecided at the moment.)

Gaia has not sent out a single announcement about the event to it's user. The only reason I know anything about it is because I'm a regular in the GCD forum. (Though those prommies seem to not like me. A pox on them) They have'nt even bothered t talk about the Utility Belt Scandal. They have, however, released 15 announcements about the Cash Shop. Figures. "Screw the users! Lets make some Cash on this thing!"


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