Tuesday, August 31, 2010


(St.Lukes, Germantown, St.Francis day.)


You know, I've never understood what the thing is with a good many "Conservative" Catholics, very often converts, who seem to revel in triumphalistic anti-protestant sentiments. It really does no one any service. It's a disservice to inquiring protestant seekers, and the rather blunt rhetoric only serves to cloud one's vision of authentic protestantism and what it teaches. It makes one no better than the cradle protestant or ex-Catholic who goes about claiming that Catholics worship paintings, or who goes about constantly badmouthing or refusing to properly understand and take to heart their beliefs.

I say this as a former protestant with strong ties to the past churches I used to belong to, especially the Episcopal church. Sure, I read the MCJ, but that's more for humour's sake. I honestly don't think I could speak to someone, even online to no one in particular in such a manner. At least, I couldn't do it without willfully lying. (Like, pretending that anglo-catholicism is just a bunch of wannabe Catholics,or that it's only made up of full of ex-Roman Catholics and openly gay people.)

I guess in this regard, I am a bit liberal. I don't see why things like charity, openness to dialogue and understand, and basic politeness need be seen as the domain of Liberals and dissenters.

Meh, I guess that's why I couldn't have stayed as a traditionalist.



Son III said...

I am a Christian... not a Catholic, not a Protestant, but a Christian. I have debated Catholic and Calvinist alike, so I have no vendetta against Catholics anymore than I have against other opposing trains of thought.

When I have debated Catholics on Biblical issues, I have gotten little response beyond, "I can't answer that/you're being stubborn/I'm not an apologetic priest."

Would you be willing to defend Catholicism against some issues I have?

(If not, I won't clutter your comments section with unwanted rhetoric ((I personally know how annoying that is.))

Joe S.R. said...

Maybe in e-mail or in some other place, just not in comments. <3