Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I should be getting back to regular posting. Sorry guys.

Anyways, today was orientation day at the seminary. After the angelus, lauds, and holy mass at the friary, we all went to the seminary. Today, we started to wear the typical seminarian dress for the college division.(Black suit and tie, white shirt.) We filled out forms, and found our rooms. The seminary classes are large enough this year that the seminary has had to open up sections of the dorms that had been vacant for 10-25 years. I think that the room I was given was on of those vacant, unused rooms, Meh, I don't care. As long as it's usable. The seminarians had mass at 11:00, but as we has already had mass at the friary, we did'nt go. Time was spent wandering the grounds and discovering things until 2:00, including the amazing lounge that the lower side has. A pool table, Foosball, ping-pong,televisions, even an N64 with games. As I had games at home, I'll asl my brother to send them so that I can make a donation of them. (They somehow have managed to not have neither Super Smash Brothers nor Starfox64. Loosers.
A delicious lunch in the refectory was later, and then I goofed off for a bit time to waste time.Mostly I stayed in the library, browsing.

Anway, at 2:00, we went to the room where our three sessions with the rest of the new seminarians were held. They were held by the spiritual director, the academic dean*, and the rector. Since it ended at 4:15, and solemn vespers and benediction were at 5:00, it did'nt make sense to go home. So us, the postulants, and two of the seminarians from Raleigh,(who seem to be pretty cool) went to the student lounge to play ping pong (Which I suck at) and pool. (Which I also suck at.) They had a digital organ there too, so my surprise. I got in a little practice, but it's an old Rodgers, and the lower octave of the pedals cipher, and the lower octave of the pedals and manual don't work properly. Oh well, I don't care. More seminarians piled in, and soon the place was pretty full.

At around 4:40, we all left to go to the chapel for vespers. Confusion as to my seat in the choir ensued, as the chart failed to make proper sense. It had me sitting behind the cantor,across from one of our other postulants, in front of one of the priests who I knew, and next to three seminarians who I had gotten to know. Only, the cantor was a little away from where they told me to sit, our postulant was two rows ahead of me, the priest was behind me as on the chart, as was one of the seminarians, but the other two were two rows ahead as well. So I just moved and hoped I was in the right spot.
After vespers and benediction, we went home for dinner and compline. I had a colloquium with my vocations director, and now I'm off to community time.

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