Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Choir.

I secretly enjoy this show. I generally don't tell people, but when I was a young one, I auditioned for the Philadelphia Boys Choir. Obviously, I didn't get in (Voice too shaky and hooty. I didn't have proper training at the church's children's choir so my voice wasn't as nice as it could have been) Since then, one of my secret likes is the sound of a well-trained choir of men and boys (Evidence by my limited, but thorough knowledge of choirs I have never heard in person in places that I have never visited.)

Some of the problems they had, I didn't have. I had the support of a church choir and knowledge that some of them were popular despite being singers, Of course, being in the city,none of the schools have so much as a music program, much less a choir. The richer schools in the nice parts of the city and the suburbs might, but nothing in my neighborhood.

Oh, and I'm upset that one of the boys auditioned with "Shine, Jesus shine" D: Why?! And he had a good voice too. D:

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