Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just as a treat,

Some more 'catholic influenced' photos of ministers and bishops from my childhood church.I was speaking with the brothers of the worship practices of my father's church, because they were surprised to see them in cassock and stole instead of layclothes or a simple preaching gown.(Don't ask me why there were no surplices. Must be a new policy.) They're certainly lower than the denomination they came from, that I grew up in, but they do retain some of the old practices. My old church was very much influenced by Anglican practies rather than Roman practices. (For example, their liturgical english and the dress of their prelates.) Just for fun, I present for you:

A bishop in cassock, rochet & chimere,ring, cross, crosier, and biretta.
The same in cassock, cross, ring and biretta
Bishop in cassock, cross, ring and skullcap
Bishop in cassock, cross, lace surplice,chimere, and tippet.
Cassock, surplice and tippet.
Cassock, surplice, and tippet again.
Cassock, surplice, and tippet yet again.
Cassock, surplice and tippet times 3.
Cassock and scullcap
Presiding bishop, other bishops, and minsters (In background) at the Holy Convocation.

And of course, there's This, and this from an affiliated church.Over here, however, the cope or eucharistic vestments would be worn for ordinations and communion Sunday only, and mitres are never, ever worn.

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