Monday, August 9, 2010

Liturgical Items that are evil.

Just a short list.

-Lace, in any form
-Roman chasubles
-polyester, in all it's forms
-Frontal-less altars
-Side altars without covers
-Flowers on said gradines
-Altars built against walls
-Tabernacles hidden where no one can see them
-Tabernacles without veils
-Chalices without veils
-Communion patens
-Birettas in place of the monastic hood
-The Sacred Liturgical Binder
-Organs without reeds and/or proper pedal divisions
-Bleached candles
-Pius XII's holy week
-John XXIII's breviary
-Pius X's Psalter
-Barberini's hymns
-Parts of Paul VI's kalendar
-Altars without relics
-Moveable altars
-Two altars in the same sanctuary
-All music written after the 17th century, with some exceptions.

Clarifications may be given, if needed. (Now, you did'nt see those coming, did you? Of course not.)

1 comment:

Bb said...

Oh, me sir! Pick me!

I would like, if I may, to add to the list:
- censers with bells attached to the chains
- fairy lights on the iconostas
- icons with sequins stuck onto them
- an electric candelabra on the Holy Table
- multi-coloured bulbs used in such a candelabra
- 19th-century Russian compositions which sound as though they ought to be accompanied by a calliope or used as the closing of a 1960s Disney film, (although the evil of these is just about offset by the wonderful Russian harmonisations, of the same period, of Greek melodies used for various hymns)
- most modern Greek liturgical customs

I'm sure there must be others but this is my initial contribution.