Friday, August 6, 2010


Just so you guys know, I finished the FAFSA todayThursday. And it was annoying, hard, long, and maddening. First, the stupid thing kept saying that I did not have a PIN. I knew I had a PIN. I had Signed up for it. I had memorised it. So I registered for a new one.

And they told me that I already had one.

After saying that I Didn't have one.

So I used the one that I knew that I had. And they said that it was invalid. They said to wait 72 hours and try again. I tried again. It worked. So I start the form, and get pretty far. I need mother's tax information, and call her for it. Shoe does'nt pick up. Fine, so I saved my form and decided to get back to it. In few hours, she comes home, and I try to open my form. Problem? Invalid pin number again. More waiting. I decide to just go and fill out the Master Promisory Note. Problem? You need a PIN to do it. Mine is invalid. A day later, I get an e-mail confirming my PIN. So I go to fill out the Master Promisory Note. Problem? The FAFSA has to be filled out first. Smae for the PHEA application.

So, I go back to the FAFSA and finish it. I'm told that I will receive an e-mail confirming the FAFSA in 24 hrs, and that I can then fill out my other things.

Four days later, still no e-mail.

*Massive Sigh*

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