Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the same vein,

Reading This and This, and This, and the comments thereof, I'm a but happy to see that the sentiments I've been expressing lately aren't just my own. And it would be nice if modern or liberal Catholics would read what the faithful have to put up with under them, and how plenty of us aren't satisfied with them. How they're tired of being used, abused, and ignored by a 'progressive' heirarchy, hell-bent on renewing Catholics out of the church till only their own glorious vision remains.How they've grown tired of the clique of bishops,priests and lay experts who have no problem with crowding out faithful or tradition-minded Catholics, while simultaneously claiming to be victims of a vast, non-existent conservative conspiracy.

Frankly, it sickens me.

They have the MAJORITY voice of the church.Try organising a youth mass a with one of your dioceses bishops and explain that you're having a praise band and maybe some dancers, with a time of worship before and a time of reflection. Now, try going to the same bishop and explain that you're organising a mass with him with a schola, chanted propers and choral ordinary, and most of it will be in Latin. The former will get you exuberant support. The second will get you shot down. The vast majority of parishes throughout the world have no experience with traditional liturgy, and yet, it seems that progressive-minded Catholics are frenzied at the mere thought of a diverse church with more opportunity for reverent and obedient liturgy. Oh no, how terrible, they'd be forced to share the church with people that they......disagree with!! Whatever shall we do?

Whether they realise it or not, it's easier to be a mainstream progressive than a fringe like those who long for rubrical liturgy.At least they have the silent, assentive support of the majority of the hierarchy,and the possibility of having large monopolies over liturgical material and positions of authority over the laity who live under them.

And I know, I oughtn't complain since I found the Best Parish in the World, where none of these difficulties are present, but I've dealt with it in the past, and it still angers me that most Catholics still have to deal with these obstinate people. [/Rant]

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