Saturday, July 3, 2010

Divine Providence.

I just realised something extremely providential. 

Do you guys know what my middle name is? It's Samuel.

Do you know when the feast of St.Samuel the Prophet is, according to the Roman Martyrology? It's August 20th. Do you guys remember what happens on August 20th?

Yeah, that.

I count that as my name day, since apparently the king whose name I share wasn't counted holy enough for his own feast day. (Darn, and just think: If I had been born a day earlier, I could have gotten the name Jeremiah and would have had an actual name day, instead of fudging it by using my middle name.)

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Caedmon said...

Yes! August 20th is the day of your long-awaited arrival at the Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy for the beginning of your Postulancy! With special prayers & best wishes, Josiah Samuel Ross!