Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving House.

It seems that we finally have a real prospective buyer for this place, and we're finally going to be leaving. It's bittersweet though, because it was dad that had started the process of selling the house and moving to Upper Darby*. We're no longer looking at the house in Upper Darby anymore though.
My mother wants to move to University City, where my sister lives. It's a nice neighborhood, lots of trees and old houses (Some of them quite expensive!)
Right now, the three prospective homes have three things in common: They have four bedrooms, a finished basement, and they're very, very, very 1970's. Some of you may know of my dislike of the entire 1970's. Good music, bad... umm....everything else.
But there's nothing we can't do. The good thing about having a spare bedroom and a finished basement is that I'm guaranteed to have another room for my prayer space/art room.

*I don't understand who named these counties here. There's an Upper Darby, but there's no Darby. Not that I know of. But then, there's also a North Philly, a South Philly, A West Philly, and a Southwest Philly, but there is no East Philly. Huh?

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Paul Goings said...

There's a Darby Township in Delaware County. It's below Upper Darby, as you'd expect, but Yeadon is in between:,+pa&sll=39.881224,-75.323799&sspn=0.050979,0.111151&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Darby,+Delaware,+Pennsylvania&z=15