Thursday, July 15, 2010


On the local news, there was recently a story about employees of the governor making much more than the governor himself makes, due to bureacratic refusal to trim payrolls. Said employees were also using federal tax monies for such important purchases as luxury cars and expensive vacations.

The irony is that the governor spoke about how it was deplorable that these people were "Spending taxpayer's money without theie consent." LOL govenor, that's one of the main duties of the government. Taking the citizen's money without their consent and spending it on useless wars, police who abuse their office, or supporting muderous regimes in other countries is'nt much different that taking citizen's money without their consent and spending it on a Lexus or a trip to the Keys. Once the state decides that it has a right to people's money and resources whether they want to give them up or not, what does it matter what they spend it on? Think about it. It is'nt as if taxation is a mutual contract between the state and it's citizens.

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