Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today was a hard, hard day. Final papers have been signed for the funeral. Mom was being difficult today, and I needed a break from everything around the house, so I scared everyone by walking back to my old neighborhood, about 25 blocks away.Saw my old childhood home, the park where dad took me when I was a little one, the church where my mother was baptised and taught when she was a little one, and some of my old friends' homes. Was caught and taken home to find Brother, who was worried and went to find him. Ending up making a pact with him never to go away when I'm upset, but to go to him because we still have each other. Cue emotional confessions and brotherly hug.
Home for dinner. I have'nt been up to cooking this week, so it's takeout again. Rosary and vespers of the dead late, because I had to make a surprise visit to the funeral home for some business.
Tomorrow's the day before the funeral. All the family will be spending the day and overnight at my sister's house, but brother and I will stay home.

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Caedmon said...


Sighing & grieving are are natural, the feelings of loss, anger and the need for space are also natural. Know that you and all your family are lifted up in prayer so that you "may be strong, loving and wise."