Friday, July 16, 2010


No, this is'nt yet another typical organist's post where the writer gloats and raves about how amazing Pierre Couchereau was and how much we miss him and how there was never none like him nor never shall be. Actually, this is a post about how badly played I've realised his version of the finale from Vierne's 4th symphony is. Besides being played like he was on crack/speed/ some other narcotic, it's a bit messy. It's so messy that you can barely make out the harmonies.
The one thing I'll give him is that the ending is spine-tinglingly good. Ah, the Coucherau era chamades. Why, oh why did they have to put them under lower pressure? In fact, why did they do half the stuff to Notre-Dame de Paris' organ that they did? Removing mixtures? Detached electronic console? reassigning the manuals ? Why?


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