Monday, July 19, 2010


I mentioned that I had made a feeble attempt at my own medival-style rosaries. Well, here they are:

(Stupid me forgot to clean the scanner screen. Will take more photos later.)

You can see how they came out, and they are'nt ideal. I wanted and looked for black tassels, but could not find any. For the black one, I wanted silver gauds and a caravaca cross. The gauds I found, but have not yet arrived. The cross, I either can't find in the right size, or if I do find it in the right size, it's not in my price range. (I'm not willing to spend more than $40 for something that will probably be broken in six months) For both, I would have like any kind of cross that could reasonably pass as a medieval cross, and it would have to be in the right size. That's actually rather difficult.

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Anonymous said...

what makes it medieval?