Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Altar.

Appropriately, I've vested my home altar in requiem clothing: Black cloth, black candlesticks (The same ones from Holy Week), and unbleached candles (Including a 7-day vigil candle). No flowers, and all the holy cards have been removed. (Except for one: I added a holy card of Our Lady of Sorrows where S.Peter Nolasco usually goes.)

The black cloth is very plain.There is a faint pineapple pattern on it, but you have to be a few inches away to see it. There are two thin white bands, but no other decorations on it. I've been using a dossal lately, but I don't use one with the black set (Or the violet set) Since things are suppossed to be somber and penitential, there's just the bare wall behind.

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