Friday, July 16, 2010


I have them. Mostly by using this amazing person's website, I've made three of my own. One is yellow-ish agate with glass gauds, a dark blue tassel and a silver cross at one end. The other is black glass beads with glass gauds, blue tassel and silver crucifix. The last is green agate with bone gauds and white tassels. All are on hemp cord, because I can't find any silk cord around here. Being a medievalist, I've had an obsession with these for a while. I've had a few others (A recently departed black and red wooden beaded one, with white tassels, and a lost red glass with clear glass gauded one, with red tassel and silver crucifix.)

And once again, once I take photos, you shall see them.

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Michael said...

Oh, I like these! Particularly the concept of the images on the beads themselves. I wonder whether some sort of beaded chotki could be constructed from them.


I hope you're ok these days.

(And well done, getting a reply over on Catholicism Wow!)