Friday, July 2, 2010

Google Analytics is Cool Beans.

*Pretends other people still say the phrase "Cool beans*

I did'nt realise that I had that many regular readers. I also didn't  realise that people seem to like that explanation of the mass that I never finished. It's one of my most used search terms, so maybe I should finish it. Also, people seem to like the posts I put up of random hard to find offices, like the pre-Pius X offices of the Passion, or the offices from the Mercedarian Breviary.

I also got a notable amount of people searching for manga reviews, which I did'nt expect anyone to read here of all places. (Though I do one almost every time I find a new manga. Also, just for those who keep looking for it: NICO ROBIN FROM ONE PIECE. There, that's done.

It's also interesting to see where people are reading from. I somehow have three regular readers from Germany, and two from the Netherlands. I have ten from four different places in the UK, but the majority of people who read this thing regularly seem to be U.S. readers of the East Coast type. Specifically, people from Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Jersey. Though I'm scared to see that I have regular readers in Cleveland. I didn't know they even knew about this place. D:

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Michael said...

Oh, oh. Me! Me! (jumps up and down manically, with hand in the air) I'm one of your UK readers.

I read you because you write interesting things.

I use StatCounter for my own blog and yes, it can be interesting to see who reads what, and who the returning visitors are. Because UK Orthodoxy is so small, occasionally, someone will walk up to me at special diocesan or pan-Orthodox events and say, 'I read your blog'. Then I begin to panic, wondering what I've said or whom I've insulted. :-s