Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nude Photographs and Live Nude Models.

(LOL, look at all the hits I'll get form people Google Searching that term)

This is actually a post about figure drawing, something that I've been trying to learn to do. Since there's absolutely no possibility of me getting any sort of art instruction in the future, I'm using my last days to do things that I probably won't be able to do. It's been a while since I posted any art, but my style changed again. I'm drawing more realistic portraits, and I have a better grasp of fabrics and textures now. Of course, this is pencil, not marker. I still suck at markers, and I probably will without any professional instruction.

But that's aside. I suck at drawing the human body. Proportions are off, and my limited understanding of the musculoskeletal system are to blame. I'm broke right now, so I have no access to actual art books, and there are no (affordable) classes that I can take right now on that nearby, so I'm back to my old standby: Self Instruction. I hate self instruction. Really, I only hate it because then I have no one to blame for the craptastic scribbles that fill my dA gallery, and even when I draw something good, people assume that 'Self-taught'= 'Mediocre'.
So anyway,
I'm teaching myself how to draw the human body better by observation, which, being the hyper-conservative reactionary prude that I am, is rather difficult. Because, the skeletal and muscular systems are easy to draw from observation of photos, there's nothing wrong there. But, I won't allow myself to use any full frontal or more than partial nudity when I try life drawing, for prudence's sake.Generally, that means surfing the stock art section of deviantART with the 'stock','model' and tag and the Mature Content filter on. Of course, that means that there are certain parts of the body, like legs, that I'll never get a good grasp on, but oh well. That's the price you pay.

Of course, it would be worse in school, where I wouldn't have had a choice, and there probably would have been full frontal nudity with live models and an injunction to draw everything or fail the class. I wouldn't have stood a chance D:

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