Monday, July 12, 2010

I guess this explains everything.

When my siblings and I were little ones, my dad constantly talked about all the money he had for us for when he passed away. He told us that he was paying for the best insurance policy that he could buy, and that he was putting away money for us. We never understood why he was always talking about something like that. He was a strong and healthy man, he never even seemed to get sick, except for the occasional headache on Sundays when he was very busy.

Now, I find out that he had had cancer since I was four. 15 years of cancer, and he never told any of us. He somehow survived for that long a time with his only hospitalisations being when I was four,(His first diagnosis) and last year (When it came out of remission). And I suppose that's why he put so much money away for us. He must have known that he would leave us eventually, and he didn't want to leave my mother and all of us kids with nothing. So his death was'nt as sudden for him as it was for us. He knew it, and he prepared for us. I just wish I would have known a little earlier, but it was never part of his personality to let us worry about anything.

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St. Michael the Archangel said...

Your father was a good man to take care of his family like that and I am sure that God blessed him immensely!