Saturday, February 21, 2009

I really don't get it.

Liberal Catholicism. I don't get.
Don't think that I haven't tried. I believe that it's always wrong to deny or reject an idea or opinion without trying as much as possible to understand it. If that means that I have to read Rahner and the Dutch Catechism, so be it. If it means that I have to get acquainted with Liberation Theology, so be it.
But despite this, I still don't get it. Liberal Catholicism always seems so cold and intellectual to me, so eletist, and very much contradictory.
Case in point: Fr. Finigan.
I'll spare you the illogical Appeal to Emotion that is the article in The Pill, but I think it shows something that's been shown to me over and over again: Lib Cath. does'nt work. Mostly, because Libs are what they hate: A Totalitarian opinion machine, constantly forcing it's eletist opinions on everyone, allowing no exceptions to those who disagree with it. Looking down on folk and devotional practices, clearing them away for a bland suburban white-bread community with no life. hence, they are not truly liberal, just dissenters who need a cool word to get followers.
Yes, u see whut I did thar?
Yup, I reversed their opinions of what they call "Conservatives" back onto them.
In the end, Libs. are only a second Magisterium, a dissident one, but still a magisterium claiming power over the faithful and confomance to their views. hence, Fr. Finigans (who are truly Liberal in the word's real sence), are not to be tolerated.
Let me not paint with a broad brush though. There are those who claim to be liberal who truly are. They dissent from church teaching, but generously allow those who disagree with them to exist somewhat peacefully.
But guess what? Still does'nt work. For many of these people, conformity is not important because they allow or even support a kind of theological pluralism, to the point of claiming that all views are valid, and which is right for you is subjective. In such a case, Catholicism becomes something totally grey and undefined.
The question of truth naturally arises, but is given the simple answer "Does'nt matter." Truth does'nt matter, as long as everyone is happy. Logical contradictions and theological hoop-jumping become neccesary, tolerated, and even supported in such a view.
This kind of pluralism and subjectivism does'nt make any sense. Under such a system, TULIP is Catholic. The Westminster Confession is Catholic. The 39 articles (Sans Tract 90) are Catholic. All sorts of heresies and ridiclous opinions are valid and fully Catholic, as long as the person who holds them feels that they are.
So the term "Catholic" becomes totally meaningless. You can create your own Catholicism, fit just for you.
To make my point clearer, using this logic, you can take Statism and call it Libertarianism because you want to. And guess what? Statism would be Libertarianism, for you at least.
I would say that this is contradictory to the Catholic spirit, but "liberals" Would remind me that as above, anything is Catholic if you want it to be.
But, the second kind of Liberal is a rare beast indeed, and it is the first that makes all the press and gets on the news.
They wrote the article, and as always, they felt it okay to tell half-truths and blatant lies to get their point across. It's blatant slander, which is a sin. Fr.Joseph, one of the priests at my parish preached an excellent sermon last Sunday where he said that slander and gossip are sinful. I remember him saying that you can never get back a man's good name, and when you ruin it through your own fault, you have to apologize and make reparation for your sin.
I encourage the Tablet to do this.
I strongly encourage you all to remember all dissenting Catholics , especially those at the Tablet at the holy sacrifice of the mass, and to pray a decade of the rosary for their conversion tomorrow. Our Blessed Lady brought forth the Truth to the world, so it's most fitting to ask her to pray for the triumph of truth.


Anthony said...

I couldn't agree more.

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