Saturday, July 25, 2009

No really, it's for the best.

" Yes sir, it's for the best. At this age, your body is breaking down, and it becomes harder for you to function daily. Why die in a semi-conscious state, hooked up to machines, with no ability to prepare for your own death. Would'nt you like to die with the dignity you deserve? You've earned better by handing us all your cash and hard work all these years. However, since you've retired, you haven't really contributed to the society. You've become a bit of a drain on the state and your family, and you don't really have any use to the state anymore. But do realise, we aren't killing you off only because you're useless to us. I'm sure someone somewhere has "compassion' or however those people say it.
Thank your for your patience, and have a pleasant day. Please enjoy the complimentary buffet before entering the extermination chamber."

Isn't Obamacare great? It's got a low price, (Only a few trillion dollars. If we can survive with a huge national debt for 20 years, we can add a few more years worth.) It contributes to the market, (Nothing like outlawing private insurance to stimulate competition between public and private insurance.) It creates jobs, (Eventually due to lack of patrons, private insurance companies could collapse, meaning that hundreds if not thousands of Americans could get new jobs working for the government. They'd just have to lose their current job first) And it simply works so well! Look at the benefits! And to top it off, they even have the compassion to end your life for you when you're useless to the state- I mean, suffering in old age!
I se a great future for this.
Hat tip to Serge, Left coast Rebel, Right Klik,Track- a-'Crat, and others.
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