Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back.

*Looks round menacingly*
The internet is fixed now, so I'll be getting back into the Political-religious blogosphere loop.
New York was....Interesting.
The room we booked wasn't the one we thought we booked.It was four people in a three bed apartment, and guess who got the floor? Yup, it was yours truly. Saturday I was up early and stopped by the grocery store to get milk for breakfast and got stopped by a man asking me to sign a petition about Obamacare.I literally and purposely laughed out loud to spite him, mea culpa. But was funny and unexpected. There's actually young, educated kids from the ghetto, and they don't support Obama? That can't be real! it's a lie put out by the Republicons! Come on, a certain politician (whose name escapes me at the moment) assures us that All black people support Obama.

I also bought a chronicle of medieval religious life, mostly stories, visitations, sermons and private letters. It was only three dollars.
My mom and brother made me late for the presentation from my possible college for next year. I got my art reveiwed and he did'nt like it. Oh well, a pox on all o' his houses etc.
We went for lunch, browsed the souvenir shops, and went to Midtown Comics where I spent three hours nerding out over the vast collection of possible buys. I ended up buying Thor#1 and Toto!#5
There were a whole bunch of others I wanted to buy (Avengers #3, G.I. Joe: The rise of Cobra #2, 666 Satan#11, and some series I've never seen.) On the way back there was some guy who was naked except for a towel giving away flyers for a bar or something.
I cooked dinner for everyone, but I did'nt eat much. I was going to the famed Our Saviour on Sunday, and I was preparing. Unfortunately, I did'nt get to go. My mom dropped a boatload of excuses why I could'nt go, but the real reason was that she wanted to check out early and me going to mass would hold them up.
Now, I'm going to read my subcribed and sidelinked blogs to catch up.
Oh yeah! I see I got an 11th watcher while I was out. Hi! thanks for following me!

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