Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have'nt died.

Nope.We were cleaning up,and Somebody *Coughmomcough* spilled water on the modem, knocking out the internetz. I'm using my bro's wireless whileI look for a hotel.
Oh yeah, we may or may not be going to New York for the weekend. One the of the schools I was considering is having an art seminar,and I hope to go. If we do go (It's all up in the air right now) I plan to go to the rightly famous Our Saviour on Sunday.

If onlyI had a week rather than a weekend ,I'd visit allthe famous NY places. (S. Thomas fifth avenue (for evensong. ) S.Mary's, (Smokey Mary's,with the case-less Skinner organ) S.Vincent ferrer, (Wonderful new organ) and maybe even Ressurection (The S.Clement's ofNewYork.)
Really,I just want to hear the outrageously good choir and almost-kinda a Skinner organ at S.Thomas and the mind-rippingly/ pants-wettingly obscene organ at S.Mary's.(No Bombarde division,but wonderful Bombardes.

My time is up, so news in a flash:
-Joe Biden is an idiot for trying to spin the fail of the stimulus as a positive thing.
-Time for MoneyDrain-I mean, Stimulus part two.
- You've heard that due to Obamaspeak,we're not alowed to call it a stimulus anymore?
-I gots a newLatin breviary, yayness.
-Final Fantasy X = Full. Of. Win.


Anonymous said...

Well that's good to know your alive and healthy!

Biden... Ha, what ajoke.

Michael said...

Well, it's always good to hear people aren't dead. Lifts the spirits, don't you know?

I think a trip to New York for me would have to include a trip to the famous monastery in Jordanville. Part of the excitement is that when I first saw it, I thought it looked like something from a miniature golf course. Now I know a bit more about the place, I still remember that.

Perhaops I'm just too odd for my own good.