Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've got a really big, really hard decision to make:
What to do now.
Now, I've already posted about the Big Move, and I thought it would be hard, you know, obviously quite hard, but it's becoming harder and harder daily. Dad is still sick. Mom is worrying about all my siblings' futures. The family is kind of breaking apart now. And of course, Mom and Dad are counting on me to go to college. Very rarely does anyone in my family go to or finish college, and out of my siblings, I was one of two who actually managed to get accepted to one. Remember, I'm in the ghetto, and it goes without saying that we don't have much money. My parents have already worked hard into paying my way into school. Thousands in high school tuition has been paid, application fees, etc, etc.
Basically, and you should see where I'm going, I feel obligated to at least go to school before making the big move. I'd like if possible to just enter without going to college first, but It's not looking like it'll be easy.It kinda of seems like the a good idea: Bettter my art skills, give my parents time to get used to my future, pay off the money I owe, and do it all without making my family feel like I'vde deserted them.
Now, I know this is extremely disappointing for a lot of people, but realise, this isn't a final decision.
I'm just thinking on it.

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Anonymous said...

you must follow God's will for you... remember Our Lord's admonition about father mother sister and brothers.