Friday, May 29, 2009

The Big Move.

Well, I took my first and only final exam today, and graduation is this time next week.  So I'll have a high-school degree, and I'll be officially eligible to make The Big Move.  

Now, I'm not actually too afraid to make The Big Move. The only thing is mom and dad. Dad has finally come to terms with my flight to Rome, and mom being somewhat of an agnostic did'nt have feelings either way. Things being like this, I kind of expect mom to protest more than dad. For some unexplainable reason, I've been closer to mom than dad, even though he's been around more. Mom won;t admit it, but I know she knows it's true. I'm hoping anger won't be a factor in it. In fact, I doubt anger will be a factor. Mostly a little surprise, since I've never made the slightest mention of me doing anything other than music. I wonder what my brothers and sister will think? Most of them are out of the house already, and we already don't see each other much. Then there's Ginger. I wonder what'll happen to her? I know I can't take her with me, but I don't feel right leaving her here, because they all might get rid of her. She's been a good pet these past six or so years, even with all the greif she gives me with her multiple personalities and neediness. In fact, other than her, I don't think I really own anything that I'll miss. (If you can really own a cat, that is.)

But it's okay if things don;t go well. In fat, it's a little good if things don;t go well. Thomas a Kempis says that without suffering, there is no merit. So I'll see about whatever forms or exams have to be done before  I can make The Big Move, and once I've got a schedule, I'l go about figuring how to break the news to the fam.


Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

RE Ginger:

If you can't find a home to place her with yourself, look for a no kill shelter.

Joe S.R. said...

Thanks for the siggestion. There's actually one nearby.