Sunday, May 3, 2009

Go Cardinal!

Cardinal Rigali slammed some women who had an ordination in Philly late last month. I think this is the money-quote that explains the problem: h

"God’s gifts, however, are never given to individuals merely for their own fulfillment, but for the unfolding of His plan of salvation in the Church for the benefit of the whole community of the faithful, and no one’s true personal dignity in the Church can be fostered in opposition to the will of Christ Himself. Consequently, such a pseudo-ordination ceremony denigrates the truth entrusted to the Church by Christ Himself, and demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the respect and dignity accorded to women by Christ and His Church."

Whether they realize it or not, it looks like they're getting 'ordained' more for their sake than the Church's sake. It makes them look proud and self centered, and likely to engage in old-fashioned Clericalism. They go through these 'ordinations' and serve no community, and appear to bring Christ to no one, but rather, they do it to make a statement, so that they can get a kind of self-fufilling self-satisfaction. Were they men, they could'nt be admitted to the seminary like this anyway.Too much mental baggage.

Read the whole article.

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