Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sung Vespers.

I sang vespers from the Monastic Diurnal/Liber Usualis for the first time tonight.

To put it lightly, It was horrible beyond being described by words. Being used to the Nova Vulgata, I was having trouble using the psalm tones. I forgot the Responsory after the chapter, and used the tune from the hymn  Maria, Quae Mortalium (From the common of the Blessed Virgin) to sing the office hymn 'Ad Regias Agni Dapes'* Then, because I could'nt find how to end an office, I used the new/old ending.(Domine nos benedicat, etc.)**

*I wonder if it would be terribly wicked to use the non-ruined hymns. I wish I could've gone back a few centuries and told Urban VIII to keep his papacies out of my hymnaries.

**Technically it was used to end prime in some uses of the Western rite, but was never part of the Roman rite till the new breviary specified it's use to end the major hours in private recitation.

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