Saturday, May 2, 2009

So it looks like I'm Breviary hunting Again.

So lets look at my options in descending oder from most wanted to least wanted:

Option #1 Liturgia horarum   Yeah right, like that's ever going to happen. Unless some kind donor gives me 300-something dollars, or three kind donors gave me $100 each, or six gave me $50 each, I can continue to forget about it.  It's the one I really, really want, but there will never be money even for one volume.

Option #2 Lauds and Vespers (Latin/English) At $40, this is the cheapest option, but it does'nt have a Sanctoral or commons of the saints. No calendar either.

Option #3 Roman Diurnal.  

Option #4 Anglican Breviary. Not very expensive at all, it just takes forever to arrive.

Option #5 Liturgy of the hours. I don't need to go over the fact that the psalms and other translations are actually just paraphrases and that they grate on me. But if it's all I can get, I'll just make do. Te leater binding and gilt pages are a plus.

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