Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did I Post This Already?

Even if I did, I want to do it again: The epic awesomeness of Widor's sixth symphony. It's deceptively simple, and you can;t beat a Cavaille-Coll. (There should be one in America*! D<) Daniel Roth, my favorite living organist at St.Sulpice. 

*We Almost have one here in Philly, at S.Francis de Sales. It was built by the Austin company using some Cavaille-coll pipework, most notably, his two most famous stops: Flutes 8' and 4' and the  32' Contre-Bombarde**. Let's just hope it does'nt get ruined in it's restoration.

**Or at least that's what They*** say.

***I don't actually know who "They" are.****

****Okay, I admit it, there's no real reason***** for this footnote at all.

*****That's a lie . I wanted  to see if I could feasibly just keep making footnotes off of footnotes in an endless cycle.******

****** Are you actually still reading these?

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