Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time for some good news.

I'll give you all a break and let you know that I at least found out that my manuscript book (The one that has the organ suite and two and a half mass settings that I wrote in it was'nt in my book bag. It was on my bookshelf stuck between two books. (Christopher De hamel's A history of Illuminated Manuscripts and Lorne Campbell's book on Rogier Van der Weyden)

And this is also good news: I finally tracked down the name of this piece here. It's Lefebure-Wely's Sortie in Eb. It kind of threw me off, because when I think of a sortie, I think Sortie or possibly even Sortie. Never that. Anyway, here's a less bombastic version at the hinsz organ at the Martikerk.( Yup, same hinsz who built the organ at the Bovenkerk.) Alas, this one is  without the wonderful trumpet that comes on at 2:30.

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