Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christ Our Lord said to act in charity...

...But I really, really don't want to do that now. I was cruising MSN and came across an article talking about the greatness of O's appearance at Notre Dame, and there was a quote by Fr.Jenkins. You know, the priest that invited him. Apparently, it seems that the fact that O' supports abortion can be justified. Quote:

"He respects people who differ, but he's resolute in his decision because he did it based on conscience and what he really believes in."

Right then.  So if my conscience makes me resolute in decapitating old ladies at the bus stop, we're cool right? I mean, I really beleive that's it's okay, and I'm doing it based on my conscience, so I'm golden, right? 

I'll admit, he's got some balls to say that, but it does'nt make it any less stupid and mind-numbingly illogical. See, Fr.Forgets that although the church does respect the importance of each person's conscience, she also reminds you that anyone's conscience cn be malformed. That's why we have people who do unthinkable crimes but say that they felt justified at the time. 

It should be obvious to anyone where the logical contadiction is. Fr. beleives that O's subjective feelings on an objectively immoral act somehow either make the act moral or justify the act. In other words, according to Fr. Jenkins' logic, the man who goes about murdering in cold blood is justified in his murder because he felt okay about murdering people. The kid who shoplifts is justified and is not commiting an immoral act, because he really beleived that it was okay. Obviously, this does'nt make any sense, because it's a good example of the Relitivist Fallacy.

Let's pray that Fr.'s confusion will end soon.

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