Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Game:King of Fighters XI

Yes, I'm years behind on this francise, sue me. But I like it already. I've only had it, what, three days now? I've already decided to draw some charaters: Malin, Shingo, and She. You cn do a google image search if ou wat to know what they look like.

Oh yeah, my latest masterpiece is nearly doe. You know, the maga based on the book of Jonah? I'm just doing the cover, credits ad mini-comics. ad it seems that mr. letter 'n' on my keyboard is broked too. So I'm up to four broken letters. I guess I know what my graduation gift is going to be?

And speaking of graduation, how lame is it that we have to return the cap and gown? I mean, it's not like they can reuse the tassel. But then, they're probably re-used 06' tassels anyway. *Rants for 40 miutes on the stupidity of returning used dated tassels.*

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