Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's here!

The Sonic Megacollection is here! I mean not here here, as in on the blog, but here as in sitting on the playstation waiting to be greedily devoured by me and my brother. All the games from Sonic the hedgehog I to Sonic 3-d. So of course, I'm dying to get the Sand board on Sonic III. You know, the one with the ghosts?

Now, if you're unfortunate enough to not be familiar with videogames from the early ninties, that board (which is right after the board)  has a reputation in the retro gaming community for being extremely difficult. I mean, seriously? Were they on PCP or something when they came up with it? Beside your usual enemies, there's quicksand, rock monsters, and swiftly moving sand ducts that send you spiralling to your death in a dark abyss. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: There's a timer on the lights in the ruins that you're in. They get dimmer and dimmer till they go out completely. This is so that these cute little harmless ghosts in the background get bigger and bigger until you get savagely ripped apart. (All while dodging the othe aforesaid problems.)

At least there's a save function. (Goes to see how much a Genesis costs today.)

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