Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ascendit Deus in Iubilatione.

..Et deus in voce tubae, alleluia.

-Resposory, first vespers of the ascension.

Lukily for me, Our diocese does'nt transfer the ascension to the wrong day. You know what's kool? If you look at the proper chants for today, almost every time the word"ascendit", or "altum", or "elevatis" or some other word having to do with the ascension is used, the music likewise 'ascends'. You see it in the introit of the day"viri galilae", and the antiphon using the same text which in the modern Roman Rite is the first at lauds.  Also, in that same office antiphon, look at the begining and end? See how they correspond? The antiphon ends with the words "sic veniet" ( Translation:"Return in the same way"). The music does this, returning to the note it began on by reversing the way it got to where it as. The music gives us a physical demonstration of the text it sets, as if to be a means of drawing us deeper ito contemplation of the supreme mystery of Christ's glorification and eventual second coming. I'll leave you with the antiphon given for the Magnificat at second vespers. Use it as a prayer during the great pentecost novena, the greatest of the year.

"O Rex glóriæ,  Dómine virtútum, qui triumphátor hódie super omnes cælos ascendísti, ne derelínquas nos órphanos; sed mitte promíssum Patris in nos, Spíritum veritátis, allelúia."

"O King of glory,  thou Lord of hosts, who as on this day didst ascend with exceeding triumph far above all heavens: we pray thee leave us not comfortless, but send on us the Promise of the Father, even the Spirit of truth, alleluia."

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