Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I got my aard yesterday. I went straight home, got dressed, aited for mom to get dressed, and then we were off. The trolley driver decided to have a 30 minute chat after the written departure time, and we missed the 46, but were still early. I heard the brothers singing my fifth favorite hymn tune Llanfair, and before dinner, we sang the Regina caeli. Dinner as great. Mom does'nt usually eat red meat, but she ate some steak. The broccoli as the best I've ever had. We got to Ss.Peter and Paul on time, and waited an hour. I made my preparation before mass, and mass started with a long, long, long, procession. (With a song that as too short to cover it. ) The cantor who sang the responsorial psalm was great. Unlike the other musicians, he had a good strong , clear voice. The setting was extremely catchy, and I liked it. I wish I could donload it for my music player, but it's probably composed by him. Please, please, please, I hate the Celtic alleluia. It's literally the one setting that I can not and will  not sing. Alstott's are much better, and easily singable.

I was in my POD mood, so I after my usualy to acclamations at the elevation I said S.Ambroses's prayer Salve salutaris victima, a prayer often used in medeival England at mass. 

At communion, I think Fr. Check from Seek his Face gave me communion. When I got back to my seat, I said Clement XI's Universal Prayer. There were at least 100 total awards recipients, and being classists, they put us lowly Philadelphia South Vicariates last. I'm shicked that the lady announced mt name right. And Bishop McFadden told me told me that he was actually from Lourdes. If that's true, it's be mega cool. To be nominated for an award by your parish priest, and to then be given it by one of your diocese's auxiliary bishops, who happens to actually be from said parish?

I met three or four people from the parish that I did'nt even know were going to be there. Then we went home amidst talk of scrapple, corned beef hash, spam, and my mother's childhood while growing up with a family-run general store. (And sunsequent injuries.) I got home very late, said compline,read one chapter from True Devotion, then I was knocked out. The cat decided to sleep on my pillows, and I just let her this one time.

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