Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giovanni Croce, you have been my downfall.

Y'know, everything was going fine with the choir. I could learn the music pretty easily, my voice was okay*,things were great.

AND THEN, Giovanni Croce with his eveil** O Sacrum Convivium came along and ruined it. It's a beautiful piece to be sure,wonderful harmonies and wonderful running lines. It's quite impressive. But those running lines are a bit difficult to sing, especially since there are few places to take a breath. Usually one line ends and another begins immediately after it.(Such as the section from Passionis eius' until ;futurae gloriae'-all running lines.) And to be honest, I can sing the part alone, but together, I usually can't manage to get to the 8th measure before I lose my place. I can pick it up again at measure 16, and then I'm fine till measure 29. Then I'm a bit lost on measures 31-32, but I have the alleluias down.

*Except for when my voice cracked at the cathedral during the Haydn gloria.

**That's spelled like that on purpouse.

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