Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dangerous Comments.


I doubt any American bishop would ever go this far, but as I myself have said repeatedly, this is exactly what needs to be said. There's no point in letting bishops and pastors quietly ignore papal directive and the will of the faithful in deferential to their own personal wants. We're a post Vatican II church, we're supposed to have gotten rid of clericalism. I though Vatican II specifically mentioned that Pastors of souls are to be in collaboration with the clergy and the laity. Ignoring the laity because something they want goes against personal taste is NOT collaboration.

Now, I mean to disrespect no one. The bishops are still the successors of the apostles, princes of the church and worthy of our respect for the sacrality of their office. I would never reccomend that anyone ever criticise a bishop to his face on this issue. But it needs be said, and it needs be dealt with. Someone has to bring this issue up, and honestly, I would rather that priests be honest and say that they don't want to accede to people's requests for reverent liturgy rather than deny that there are requests in the face of many obvious proponents for it. When a pettition for a cathedral to have a monthly Latin mass shows up with 500 signatures, and all of them families of the cathedral parish, it's only intellectual dishonesty to say that the support does not exist.

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