Thursday, March 24, 2011

And speaking of singing....

....I do love to sing, but I'll admit: I do get nervous when I sing. I have trouble with keeping the vowels closed on certain notes. For example, tonight, I could'nt sing the notes for the 'O res mirabilis' in the Panis angelicus without it sounding like 'Oh Rays mee raaaahhh bee lees'. I know it ought to be 'Oh Rehs mih raaaahhh bee lees', but whenever I get up there (This is an 'F',not that high but high for me' I find it impossible. I know the technique, but I can never remember to to it. I freak out. It's odd, since my high notes are probably my one vocal asset. Once I realised that no matter how much I desperately wanted to be one, my lowest of low notes was'nt enough to be a bass. So I gave up and worked on being a tenor. Sometimes I wonder if I ought to record myself singing so I can see if the problems I hear actually exist. It's very hard to know what you sound like singing, especially when all the resonance in in your head.

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