Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was there.

Only four more things on my bucket list, then the Lord can take me. (Those three things are 1) shake Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee's hand, 2) catch and own a foul ball hit by Cliff Lee/Roy Halladay, 3) own anything signed by Richie Ashburn/Bubba Church/ Robin Roberts, 4) Find and own one of the felt pennants given out at the games between 1950-1953. You should know why, it's obvious.)

(Are you noticing some sort of pattern here?)

But anyway, it was a great game. It seemed a bit short, but that just might have been excitement. It was tampered by the fact that we got stuck in the section surrounded by drunk college guys, loud, screaming children that would'nt shut up, and two women in our row who got up every 15 seconds to leave and then come back. Even with the pbvious BRIBING OF THE UMPIRE, it was great.



......That's basically it.


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