Saturday, April 9, 2011

And speaking of singing again,

It's odd, my one vocal asset is the one I'm least proud of, least comfortable with using, and least useful. I'm a tenor, I've come to terms with that. My voice will never get any deeper. Yet, even though I'm a tenor, I have a pretty high range. I can sing counter tenor,though once I get above a certain G, I have trouble making sure that the sound is pure and not hooty or unsupported.

But, this kind of singing is pretty useless. It's not a useful asset. Besides, like I said, the tone is only pure up to a certain point. There are times when I can get it to stay pure higher but those are rare. Having a pure, clear voice has been the one thing I've been working on vocally for the past three years, even before I ever let even my parents know I was interested in singing again. I think I've achieved that, but at the expense of some other things.

Anyway, I'm practicing second tenor for This, since this has been added to the Good Friday music list. And I can die happy now, because with this triduum, I will have sung almost everything I've wanted to sing in my entire life.

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