Sunday, April 10, 2011

The thing I miss most.

(Just in case any of you had gotten the idea that I still had some traces of sanity/normalcy left, I'll just clear that up right now.)

It's normal to miss things from home once you've left home, but, I think the thing I miss most os the most trivial things. I could miss daily life with the family, having more freedom, I could miss my foods or my old house or neighborhood. But, I think the thing I miss most is Ginger, my cat. I think it's because I never got to say goodbye. I came to visit, and then they just told me that they had gotten rid of her. I never found out where she was, whether she was okay, if she found a good family and if she was adjusting good. It's all shrouded in this uncertainty and uneasiness. Certainly, she probably would have gone naturally within a few years anyway. She's already 11 now, and her health has never been perfect. But I'm almost certain that the shock of me moving away and then her getting shipped off to some strange place after seven stable years in the same home with the same owner probably was'nt good for her.

Poor Ginger, she had to live as an abused cat and now this. These sort of things are always hard to understand unless you're a cat owner. People don't get them, even people who have their own pets.My mom reasons that I should just get over it because I would'nt have seen her much anyway, and besides, we still have Brutus and Diego. But it's not the same. Don't get me wrong, Brutus and Diego are great cats, and Brutus has the same personality as Ginger. (Maybe that's why he likes me best!) But, he's not Ginger.

So there, now that I've admitted that I miss my cat, an animal, a pet, you can finally check off the last check in the list for "Things that might make a person odd/eccentric/crazy".

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