Saturday, April 3, 2010


I'm pretty sure someone's been sneaking around in my room while I'm away and stealing my stuff. Well, besides my brotther who goes into my room all the time and 'borrows' my copies of Shonen Jump* or  wears my clothes without asking** or decides to use my best headphones***. 

No, this is someone who comes and all they do is steal my markers. See, I had six different green markers-Dark Green,Apple Green,Bright Green, Celadon Green, Leaf Green, and Lime Green. Now I only have the first three of those colors. No one in the house knows where they went (Or at least, rather, no one is admitting that they're a filthy lying theif and they stole my stuff and they owe me monney)

So anyway, If I don't find them, I'll have to replace them. Which is good and well because my mother BROKE my Faber-Castell manga pen that I use for lining and doing line art. And my Cool Grey 30% is dried out.****

*Which he always leaves in places where they'll be easily damaged.Three of my copies no longer have covers, thanks to him.

**Which he stretches out, because he's much taller than me.Normal people don't try to wear their younger siblings' clothes.

***See the first.I found my one pair of Sennheisers sitting next to a large,full, glass of soda, just waiting to be tipped over.

****This one color seems to get used up more than any color I own. I've already gone through three since I got the set. All the other colors I got with the set still work fine though.D:

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Anonymous said...

I bet if you start crying about your markers, there end up back in your room. My lil brother took something of mine once and I pretended to cry about...later that day it was back in my room. XD then again...they may only work for girls. *smiles*